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Videocon Split AC range with Vita Air

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Air Conditioners

Review on Videocon Videocon VKS55 AC

Posted on 12/05/11, by skinnyalley , Mumbai

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Reduces Electricity Consumption by 38%
Universal Remote that works with LED, LCD, DVD etc


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Review Text

Videocon Split AC range with Vita Air

I recently heard about Videocon’s new range of Split ACs with Vita Air technology. Vita Air? I wondered whether it meant that it dispenses vitamins in air, which practically seems impossible because for a feature like this to have some device/ Vitamin filled bag etc. So, with these unanswered questions in my mind I bought it!

Of the range that features 11 Looks available in three series - Vita Plus, Vita Max and Vita Prima, I zeroed in to Vita Prima, with due help of the dealer. The dealer went gaga and told me various unique features of the range of ACs. Once installed, with its amazing looks it blended so very well with the interiors of my room that now it seems as if it was a part of the very thought of interior designing. The Vita Air feature releases Vitamin C ions and thereby boosts the immunity of users. The new range of Vita Split ACs also comes with Epoxy Gold Coating on the fins of evaporator. This unique coating has active components which keeps ac in good working conditions.

One thing that strike me the most is the fact that the Vita Split AC range also comes with 100% Copper Pipes. I wondered what benefit it would bring to an AC. This component is responsible for the defining the durability of the machine, and copper element reduces the extent of corrosion and installation hassles apart, increasing the ease of maintenance of your AC.

Indeed, I feel livelier now. Don’t know out of Vitamin C rich air, Epoxy Gold Coating or the adjustable louvers which feature helped me achieve it.

As per the claims, the range is also equipped with DC inverter technology, which reduces electricity consumption by 38% without compromising on cooling.
So far it has been a delight and in all probability it would remain so.


Videocon’s new Vita range of Split ACs
• Super adjustable louvers which provide Indian households with the perfect option for enhanced and superior cooling at 6 different levels and improved air quality, this summer.
• It dispenses Vitamin C charged ions with the cool air, which makes one feel re-energised and relaxed
• The new range is also equipped with DC inverter technology, which reduces electricity consumption by 38% without compromising on cooling.
• Keeping customer convenience at the forefront, Videocon has also equipped the Vita range of split ACs with a Universal Remote that works with LCD, LED, NTV, CTV, DVD, and Set Top Boxes too.
• The BEE rated Videocon Vita Split AC range is aesthetically designed to complement varied household interiors. The range features 11 models available in three categories - Vita Plus, Vita Max and Vita Prima,

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Final verdict

Excellent Product with variety of features and lowest electricty consumption

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