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Health & Beauty

Review on Richfeel Hairfall Treatment

Posted on 17/03/09, by Aayush , Mumbai

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I went to Richfeel for treatment of Male Pattern Baldness and took their Expensive medicines for 7 months after I finally gave up. There was no improvement and I was wasting the hard earned money. Their medicines don't change with time and the doctor is in no mood to hear. Dr. Tejas at the Lokhandwala branch was always in a hurry. I was recommended the place by my friend and now I have even convinced him to stop wasting money.

If you are reading - you know what to do.

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5 Most Recent Reviews on Richfeel

Comments (3)

Ranger wrote on 17/03/09

The most effective treatment for male pattern baldness is wig, try it and it works without fail.

contactsujoyghosh wrote on 18/03/09

forget about being bald. Its more important to have things under your scalp than above it... i hope u understood what i really meant. its a waste of time to run behind worthless stuff

spirited wrote on 18/03/09

LOL @ sujoy :P

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opposite views then some of my friends

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Richfeel is Fake Trichology Center

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