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Its some what good

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Review on Nalapaka , (Bangalore) Hotel

Posted on 12/11/08, by Ganga , Bangalore

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I have been staying in Rajajinagar say for last two and half years. And Nalapak is very well known hotel here. I have been having breakfast and food here since the day I have come to Bangalore. So I will be writing my review about this restaurant not based on one experience but based on umpteen times since last two years.

Food: Well hotel serves North Karnataka food. The taste is good but the presentation has to improve. Serves jowar roti and three type of subji. Sabji usually tatses well on most of days. Roti quality has to improve. Some times too much rigid.

Ambience: Well first let me tell you that this is not a high end hotel where you expect a serene and theme based decors. Hotel's USP is it serves good ghar ka knana. That's it. Its noisy especially in peek hours. Most of the people who come here are North Karanataka people. So they don't mind it.

Service: Neither too great but nor too bad. Sometimes you have to shout to get the things that you want at your table. In peek hours sometimes it really gets frustrating to get the things in time. Don't go to Big hotel if you are in hurry. It will turn out to be a bad choice.

Price: The pricing is fine. Full meals will cost you 70( will serve 5 rotis and unlimited other dished except curd i think).Limited meals 65 (3 rotis). Sunday Holige is available (he should start giving powderd sugar and milk with it).

Note: Now days they have started mini meals in the Nalapak. He puts soda. I don't know why the hell there is a need to put soda in limited meals category. Man who is having mini meals is any way not interested in getting his belly full. May be a trick by these people so that people won't end up having only mini meals. In small Nalapak the service is sometimes is really irritating. Its self service but when you go to the counter to get the food there are hardly any body at the counter. It really irritates in the morning office hours. Some times no body will be there at money counter. They have to improve on these things.

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Comments (5)

WellWisher wrote on 13/11/08

hmm.... i agree! Frankly, i find the food too oily and spicy... but i think thats how it has to be.
It is the nearest and the fastest available option at our place.... so I am glad its there!!
Good and neatly written review!
Keep writing!!

derebail2009 wrote on 13/11/08

Thanks for the review so you are staying some where close by i suppose. I should try sometime, where exactly does it fall on west of chord road dear Ganga

Ganga wrote on 14/11/08

Yes Derebail it's near west of chord road, i mean just near Navarang theater.
If u want to have food in this hotel then contact me, then we will go together :)

Mallikarjuna Prasanna  (Hotel Manager, Nalapak) wrote on 03/04/12

Thanks for sharing your views in online.

Mallikarjuna Prasanna  (Hotel Manager, Nalapak) wrote on 17/04/12

Now we are providing more variety foods

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