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Review on MIOT Hospitals Chennai - Good Orthopedic

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Review on MIOT Hospitals Chennai - Good Orthopedic


Review on Miot Hospitals,Chen, Review on MIOT Hospitals

Posted on 21/06/08, by priyacarrol ,chennai

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Positives Positive Feedback

Rich experience in Orthopaedics and other Joint replacement surgeries, Dr.Mohandas experience, Treatment facility, infrastructure, multi specialty


Negatives Negetive Feedback

Very strict in allowing relatives or visitors to see patients, like military camp, they say they wanted to maintain some near infection free zone???

Review Text

Just wanted to share my experience with MIOT hospitals, thought this review on MIOT hospital might create awareness to people like me.

3 yrs ago my uncle and cousin met with a car accident about 70 kms from chennai. It was around 7.30pm at a national highway. Luckily the local police in the near by village who had come for rounds helped them and sent them to dindivam govt. hospital. We received the news by 8.45pm. We didn�?â???t know what to do as the dindivanam govt hospital staff informed us over the phone that my cousin had multiple fractures in his right femur and he is in a bad shape. One of my relative, who is a doctor, suggested to transfer both my uncle (who had minor injury but with heavy mental shock as he drove the car which met with the accident) and my cousin to MIOT Hospital in Chennai, as he believed MIOT to be pioneer in Orthopaedics and trauma care treatment.

To our luck MIOT accepted to immediately admit them. Quickly we arranged an emergency ambulance through the govt hospital staff to transfer them from dindivam govt hospital to MIOT hospitals at chennai. This happened by 9.20 I gus. But the amount of tension we relatives experienced is so bad , we actually did not know which hospital will take accident cases that too far from chennai and that too a critical case like my cousins. My cousin and uncle were brought safe to MIOT hospitals around 11pm and were admitted in the emergency. To our luck my uncle did not have much injury except the accident shock but my cousin had to be admitted in ICU. He had multiple fracture and bruises all over his body and loss of blood. Added to this tension, his blood group is A1B negative, the rarest among the blood group. This fueled our tension and worry.

Later MIOT hospital doctors informed us that my cousin has to be operated. He had lost about 6 inches (multiple fractures) in his right femur and it must be fixed using titanium rods. Soon he was put in ventilator after his surgery. After 5 days in ICU he started suffering with a new problem, some sort of fat materials started accumulating in his lungs and he started sinking slowly. We were informed by my relative doctor that it�?â???s an unusual condition and more chances of the patient to die. Chances of survival went to below 5%. They termed this condition as Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome due to Fat Embolism Syndrome (some medical jargons). Our last hope was shattered.

But on day 7, I don't know, may be it's a medical miracle or the efficiency of MIOT hospitals doctors or so called God's grace, he stated recovering. After 15 days he was discharged and he is doing great know. His overall post recovery was really amazing. And today, after 3 years, he is healthy, he goes to works and MIOT helped him walk independently without any support or stick. But still his legs are not even in height though he has gained the growth in height in his broken femur. He still has to under go one more surgery at MIOT hospitals as 10% of his bone requires complete joint due to natural growth and his titanium rod has to be removed.

What initially seemed to be a complete disaster later turned out favorably for us. Thanks to MIOT hospital for saving my cousin�?â???s life and bringing back him to stand on his own legs. Hope this review about MIOT hospitals is worth the help they provided us during our bad times.

There are many hospitals in our locality, each specialized on some functions. But normally we seldom gather information like what's their specialty, contact number, information about doctors, etc�?â??? until we come across an emergency situation like the one I faced in my cousin's case. If I had the same info; we could have avoided much tension. Thanks to my relative doctor, whose suggestion helped us in the 11th hour. His knowledge and advice helped us to admit my cousin and uncle at the right hospital and saved their lives. So do at least keep the list of hospitals name that helps in emergency accident cases, like that of MIOT hospitals, in and around your locality.

Knowledge is Wealth.

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Pooja wrote on 21/06/08

very informative review, thanks a lot

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