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Maggi Noodles ? Advantages and Disadvantages

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Maggi Noodles ? Advantages and Disadvantages

Food & Drink

Review on Maggi, Noodles

Posted on 04/04/07, by puttu ,Bangalore

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Positives Positive Feedback

Convenience of cooking, fast to prepare, tasty


Negatives Negetive Feedback

This is junk food in the opinion of Doctors

Review Text

Do the present generation believe when we try to convince them about the above? A flat NO. It has become a fashion for the present generation to have a dislike for home food, people in their own home, their own culture, their own music etc., but are carried away by imitating people of an alien culture.
I am unable to understand when age old foods which have proven their quality since times immemorial are available and are good for our health, why at all we have to go for Junk Foods. Are we not imitating the westerners when we adopt these food habits? At the same time are we imitating what is good in westerners ? NO? We make it a point to pick up habits, which are easy to implement and reject the others.
Is there hope for our country when the next generation are not healthy enough to deliver the goods in whatever discipline they function? Future looks bleak, in spite of the fact I am an optimist myself. Maggi Noodles has become very popular because of two main factors:
1) It is easy, quick and requires minimum effort to prepare
2) It is tasty
3) It is particularly popular with Students and families where both husband and wife are employed

But we have seen enough opinions by Doctors about these foods branded as Junk Food by them and their bad effects. It is learnt that the first thing it affects is your digestive system and you are prone to develop Gastritis and Acidity. Even without the opinions of the Doctors, we have been seeing the digestive resistance of the present generation, which consume these junk foods. Did we see out earlier generation having these digestive problems? No. Because, they were very disciplined in their intake of food, its quality and were also known to burn the calories with their physical activities. Now, the present generation neither has the discipline on their intake nor do they are willing to have physical activities. More of physical activity in a person spreads more health and on the other hand more of mental activity, that too on trivial matters, develops stress in their mind. As the old saying goes, your age does not depend upon the number of your years (Age) but what happens between the ears (Mind).

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