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Never go to Kaya Skin Clinic if u love your skin

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Never go to Kaya Skin Clinic if u love your skin

Health & Beauty

Review on Kaya Skin Clinic, Kaya clinic,Adyar,chennai

Posted on 03/07/08, by Maya ,Chennai

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I took treatment at Kaya Skin Clinic, Adyar, Chennai. As others have mentioned in their reviews, this clinic gives reverse effects of what they promise. Once you give them your money, they are least bothered about you or your treatment.. These big cheats know nothing other than to mint money.. Their dermatologists are all fake.. no good doctors and no good staff.. A guy called Karthik introduced himself as the person heading that particular branch in Chennai.. On the first day their hospitality is amazing.. once you give them your money, they change colours.. they dont listen to any complaints that their product has given rise to.... I am facing irreversible skin damage after undergoing treatment from them.. plz dont go there.. the whole kaya chains should be closed down.. they are out there to damage your skin after burning a hole in your pocket...

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Pooja wrote on 03/07/08

Thanks Maya, at least I know now that I should never even think of Kaya!

KAYA SKIN CLINIC TEAM  (QUALITY MANAGER, Kaya Limited) wrote on 25/11/09

Dear Ms. Maya,

We apologise for the less than satisfactory experience that you have had with Kaya. We value you as our client and your satisfaction is very important for us and hence, would like to not only understand the root of your dissatisfaction with Kaya, but also help address the same. If you could share your contact details and the concerned clinic name with us at, we will immediately be in touch with you to take this forward.

We again apologize and truly regret any inconvenience caused to you.

Warm Regards,
Anne Kurian

shivani wrote on 16/02/12

Dear Anne,

Doing a regert evry time is not the solution.

Every one has faced the bad experience with Kaya. This is running the reputaion.

I recomed not to go for kaya

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