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Delivery of damaged Hitachi AC, yet to be replaced

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Air Conditioners

Review on Hitachi

Posted on 30/04/12, by Ravi , Delhi

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Review Text

I purchased a new Hitachi 1.5 t window air conditioner (Model No RAV18EQD) from Messrs Syam Lal Krishan Lal 1/206/28, Sadar Bazar, Delhi Cantonment (Tel No 011-25691108 / 25691123) on 04 Apr 12 vide Retail Invoice No RB-52 dated 05 Apr 12. The air conditioner was delivered in a sealed condition to my residence on 07 Apr 12 with instructions that a representative of Hitachi would install the air conditioner on 09 Apr 12.

On 09 Apr 12 when the air conditioner (Serial No 110E13804) was opened from its packing it was noticed by the Hitachi technician that the machine was in a damaged condition with Condenser coil damaged, Condenser coil fins damaged and shorting of the compressor wire. On the advice of the technician Complaint No 12040903489 was lodged with Hitachi on 09 Apr 12. Mr RKY Service Engineer of Hitachi Kirti Nagar Delhi office visited my residence on 11 Apr 12 and endorsed the observations of the person who had installed the air conditioner. The air conditioner was removed for replacement by an authorised representative of Hitachi Home and Life Solutions on 17 Apr 12 vide Goods Receipt Note No 053. I was asked to contact Mr D of Hitachi Home and Life Solutions Kirti Nagar Delhi office on Mobile No 9311118194. Mr D informed me on 20 Apr 12 that the air conditioner will be replaced and a fresh piece installed at my residence on 23 Apr 12. However, despite the following calls to Hitachi Customer Helpline on Tele 079-30414747, I remain in the dark with no satisfactory answer on the present status or when an air conditioner would be delivered / fitted at my residence.

(a) 24 Apr 12 - Ms P at Hitachi call center at 1530 h informed me that she will revert with current status but never called back.

(b) 25 Apr 12 - Ms S at 1530 and Mr S at 1730 who gave me an additional complaint no of 12041401084 and Mr Saket at 1745 h who asked me to contact the Hitachi Home and Life Solutions Kirti Nagar office directly on two landline numbers. These numbers appear out of service or on which there is no response.

(c) 26 Apr 12 Mr Ap of Customer Helpline- I was informed that I would be given the current status by Hitachi representative after some time. I await such information.

Having paid in cash for a new air conditioner on 04 Apr 12, I consider this a serious deficiency of service that a reputed company like Hitachi can firstly deliver a damaged air conditioner and then not ensured providing me the services I have paid for in full even after three weeks. I request you to kindly take up my request for fitment of an air conditioner at my residence urgently to help tide over the summer heat.

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