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Did not return full cashback promised

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Posted on 30/04/12, by Ananda , Bangalore

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Review Text

I had booked a ticket on on 17th April 2012 from Bangalore to Calcutta ( Ref no EZR-2012-203733/A), as the site had clearly promised 15% cashback on total fare. I have attached a screesnhot of the offer. Without the 15% cashback, they were less competitive that other online portals and I would have not booked with ezeego. The offer did not mention any limit of Rs 300 upfront for the cashback and when I tried looking for the * against the terms and conditions, it was clearly not available on the offer page or website. The ticket value was Rs 8957. So the expected cashback was around Rs 1400. I was astonished to find out that the cashback value they provided was only Rs 300, and when asked they said that a limit of Rs 300 was mentioned somewhere hidden in the terms and conditions in the website ( though not upfront) and they cannot process any further refund. On being asked why they didnt put it upfront, they said they dont need to as they have this hidden in the terms and conditions.

Request your help in addressing this issue, getting the additional refund back and to ensure that online travel portals cannot resort to such practices to harass customers again in future using hidden terms and conditions and hiding them upfront. This is clear malpractice by ezeego.



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Comments (2)

Maya Nayak  (Manager, ezeego1) wrote on 02/05/12

Dear Mr. Kundu,

Greetings from ezeego1!

As per our records, one of our executive is already in touch with you for the mentioned query and the same is being worked upon.

Should you require any further assistance; feel free to contact us.

We look forward for your continued patronage and assure you of our best services at all times.

Thanking you,

Kind Regards,
Team ezeego1

Maya Nayak  (Manager, ezeego1) wrote on 15/05/12

Dear Mr. Kundu,

Greetings from ezeego1!

Pursuant to our discussion, we would maintain our stance that the detailed conditions on offer eligibility was mentioned under the terms and condition banner. Under the circumstances, we regret to inform you that we shall not be able to process additional refund.

We would like to take this opportunity to inform that all the offers that we launch are real and value for money deals. We hope you would and provide us with another opportunity to serve you to your satisfaction.

Thanking you,

Kind Regards,
Team ezeego1

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