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Regarding Service of Eureka Forbes - Aquaguard

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Aquaguard / Aquasure

Water Purifier

Review on Aquaguard / Aquasure

Posted on 02/04/12, by Tarun , Uttar Pradesh

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Review Text

I had a aquaguard in August'11 installed in my house. The Group Customer Specialist of Eureka Forbes(Mr. AA) sent a person Mr. SY to install the aquaguard in my house. Mr. S took all the payments due for the aquaguard and told that Mr. A will come and will give the payment receipt/bill of the aquaguard. after that he didn't came. I talked to Mr. A several times for the bill, he told he will visit my home and will give the bill. from that day no one came to my house to attend any one of the three free service checkup's and also to give my bill till date. Kindly look after the matter.  

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Comments (2)

deepthi wrote on 02/04/12

Eureka forbes loosing their value day by day :(

Siddhartha Singh  (Senior Brand manager, Eureka Forbes) wrote on 10/04/12

Dear Mr. Tarun,

We regret the inconvenience caused to you and would like to help resolve this issue on priority basis.
We have made a note of your complaint and your contact details. Our service team will contact you soon and fix an appointment to resolve your issue, at the earliest.

For any further assistance please feel free to write in.

Eureka Forbes Team

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