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Dr Batra Hair loss treatment

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Dr Batra's Clinic

Health & Beauty

Review on Dr Batra's Clinic

Posted on 30/01/12, by Roopali , Bangalore

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Nothing positive about the place !!!


Negatives Negetive Feedback

Loss of money. False hope. And worst part is no one will tell you that they dont have solution for you!!!

Review Text

I started my hair loss treatment at Batras 7 months back, I was assured that I will see positive results within 3 months time. They offered lucrative 1 year package resulting in commitment of money for the whole year. However from the past 2-3 months I am seeing increase in hair loss, there is no improvement despite the assurances. They keep coming up with different reasons (weather change, stress, water conditions etc etc) to say that hair loss is not decreasing due to these various factors and soon I will see benefits. However it is a complete hogwash.

If you complain too much, they will organize a video conference consultation with some doctor in their different city clinic. It is just to appease the customers with the thought that they care for you and your treatment, however it is just the contrary. No matter how many doctors you talk to, they all will talk the same language and keep repeating that there is nothing to worry about. Whereas everytime you wash hair / comb / run your fingers through the hair all you see is hair coming off!!!

They are simply cheating people and keeping people in dark with just false hopes...

Survey Question(s)

What was the duration of your treatment?

Ans: More than 3 months

Was your problem cured?

Ans: No

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Ans: No

Final verdict

Not at all worth the money, time & effort.

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Comments (1)

cosmicbomber wrote on 31/01/12

Sue these buggers!

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