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hair loss treatment

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Dr Batra's Clinic

Health & Beauty

Review on Dr Batra's Clinic HAIR LOSS

Posted on 09/08/10, by akkki , pune

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Review Text

hello..well i took the treatment for more than 3 yrs and to my fears, the result is not at all worthy or effective. After 1st year the fall was reduced but every year around the monsoon time the fall became so inevitable that the hairline and density used to reduce too much. After this 3+ yr period the amt of hair i have is just what it wud had been if i had not taken the treatment. Now they want me to renew it for 12000 bucks..NO WAY...they always have a new reason to blame for their failures....most often one used is the DIET and EXERCISE issue. whenever i complain of the continual hair loss they always showed me the pics shot previosly of my scalp and said that they din see any thin much..and this is NORMAL....this normal thing has left me with less hair, time and money wastage.
for anyone wishin to try batra for hair fall then my advice is straight and big NO

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Ans: More than 3 months

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Final verdict

NO Dr. Batra for Hair Loss

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leena wrote on 21/09/10


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