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Dr Batra's hairloss treatmet..Make yourself fool.

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Dr Batra's hairloss treatmet..Make yourself fool.

Health & Beauty

Review on Dr Batra's Clinic, Hairloss tratment

Posted on 13/05/08, by varghesepa , Bangalore

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Review Text

Fresher doctors (Dont know whether they are doctors).. Appearing in ties.. Talking and behaving like a sales executive... highly paid advertisements in news papers... Cheating treatments like photo therapy Trichology, to make people themselves fools.
They collect individual ill history. But they give common medicine for all !!!!
Once I visited for my scheduled treatment, I was surprised, when they said the computer network is down, but still we will give you medicine. The doctor didnt have any answer, when I asked that, how you can give me medicine when the computer is down and my case history is not accessible.

Then I recognized that, all of the gimmicks they had showed were the techniques to make people themselves fools and to loot their money.

The advertisement by which I fell in this trap was, "The leading 'Trichologist' is visiting DR Batra's clinic in this week. I rushed to the clinic.
They didnt do anything special.
They cut a coin size area of my hair and took photo with a digital camera. I believed it....I my made myself fool....
After that they put some oil like thing on my hair and subjected to a light.
They said it is called photo therapy. I believed it. Made myself fool.

What to say...

I continued it for 6 months.
Only the calls from Batra call center followed me on time and schedule.

I lost my hard earned Rs8000 .

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Comments (15) Login to post your comment

Ranger wrote on 13/05/08

Hi Varghese, this guy is a real fraud and there is no doubt about it, but the most unfortunate thing is that most of the patients do not complain and just accept it. This guy is minting money and no one knows about his real background but he is a money spinner. He has also bought the media and you will be amazed that such a crook is given access in ibnlive to advise patients. I have no words to say but I think people should actually expose him and stop this fraudulent practice. You are right, taking photograph of hair is nothing but fooling people and it reminds me of a popular TV program called "chupa rustom" where they actually did something like this to make people laugh.

Pooja wrote on 08/06/08

Batra is a BIG liar and I am telling because I saw his photo, he has such thin hair and if his medicines really worked he would have been the first person to apply them and prevent his hair fall. LOL. He is just doing two thing - 1) making others a BIG FOOL and 2) making BIG MONEY for himself. He should be banned and prosecuted for duping lacs of people.

doorsfreak wrote on 08/06/08

These people should be banned from society. Spread the word around!

Horrified_Harihar wrote on 08/06/08

Hi Pooja and Doors, I am now forwarding this review to all my contacts and we all should do this to spread the word. By the way, Pooja, I have also seen his photo and yes he has hair like an ostrich - ha ha ha ha! Pooja, does he look like a doctor??? I wonder if he at all is a doctor, he can be certainly picked up by ICICI bank for their recovery business!!!

neelabh12 wrote on 08/06/08

what u say is correct then why don't u sue them. For this, u must hv a sound proof so tht ur voice can't be countered. Additionally, if u hv get the treatment in New Delhi (or Delhi), then Lodge ur Medical complaint to the Nodal officer. I am providing its details, plz look it:
Lodge your complaints and discrepancies to the Medical Incharge or the Medical Superintendent of the concerned dispensary or Hospital. For further adherence to the issue of dissatisfaction, you can report to the District Nodal Officer in New Delhi at:

Dr Y P Gupta
Nodal officer (Grievances),
Directorate of Health Services,
E6, Connaught Place,
New Delhi 110001
Phone: 011 - 3713085

Pooja wrote on 11/06/08

I think, Homeopathy being an alternative medicine cannot be brought under the purview of Directorate of Health Services. It is also not covered by any insurer. If one has to counter Dr Batra, they should the cheating route which is the case. The whole system in Dr Batra is illegal, they don't give any prescription with the name of drugs, also for any disease the treatment is always in multiple of 1 year.

SaurabhAsthana wrote on 19/06/08

Hi all, realy all of you are right. Because even my big brother from last 3 yrs. He was taking medicines from these only money making persons in bangalore for his hair fall but till date he did not having any single hair in head. Seriously these are guyes are making fool and insalting to homeopathy science.

ratsy wrote on 26/08/09

Even i agree...they prescribe a common medicine for all...these ppl r makin fool of of frnd was takin medicines frm batra in till now hair fallin has not stopped...the Whole syrstem of Batra should be banned...

neha8 wrote on 22/01/11

why dint i go thru thr reviews :( and i also wasted 9000 ....Dr. batras are really cheater please someone suggest something dat is really helpful i am under depression now nthing is working.please help if someone have tried anything dat really worked for u ??

varghesepa wrote on 27/01/11

Hi, Let me know your hair issue, so that I may be able to help.
I am also a victim of Dr.Batra.
But now I am using my own finding to stop my hair fall and got some success in it.


Vani wrote on 27/01/11

Own findings? Don't tell me you started your own spa after being let down by Dr. Batra!

varghesepa wrote on 27/01/11

Apply and massage hair with extra virgin olive oil daily after shower! (Sorry if you dont like damn black curly hair)
Apply shampoo only once in a week( Preferably J&J baby shampoo).
Have some worldclass nutritional supplements .

This what I have done.
It wont cost much.
Still cheaper than Mr Batra :)


cosmicbomber wrote on 27/01/11

Wig is still the best treatment for baldness and hair loss!

Vani wrote on 13/02/11

LOL @ CB, but wig sometimes causes the head to function in a strange way, S. M. Krishna was the latest victim :)

cosmicbomber wrote on 13/02/11

@ vani, it was not for the wig hopefully, most probably he was under influence ;) sorry for the unrelated comments :)

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