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Beware of Agarwal Packers

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Agarwal Packers

Packers & Movers

Review on Agarwal Packers

Posted on 30/04/12, by arun , bangalore

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Pathetically bad customer service.

Review Text


Firstly an introduction... I am a senior project manager in Infosys technologies Ltd at Bangalore. Now coming to my issue, i asked for a within Bangalore move from a large apartment in Whitefield to another complex less than 1 km from my current place. Also some items needed to be moved to a second apartment in Outer Ring Road. I got a quote for 8,000 rupees. I spoke to their people atleast 5 times over this week and everytime got confirmation for today morning (28 Apr 2012) 8:00 am for your staff to arrive. FYI, their staff lady from number 9880940606 called me and confirmed that 9 am will be best possible as 8 is too early. I agreed. Nobody turned up, so i had to desperately look for other movers and packers, even worse when i called up their office numbers I was repeatedly told the truck is on the way. Finally at around 11:30 their folks suddenly told me there is a truck breakdown and offered a later pick up at 2 pm. when we asked if they can confirm 2 pm , he said sir we can do tomorrow!! We had to call probably 25 times before they picked up, that too when we dialled from another mobile. Since then i have tried calling them atleast 10-20 times to atleast confirm for the next morning but they never picked up.

I can understand a breakdown can happen, but not informing a customer and worse not picking his calls or even responding to his calls is very very poor customer service. Their folks are incompetent and irresponsible, i have much worse words but don’t want to use them. Companies like Agarwal claim a great reputation but the reality is they survive because our Indian legal system is of no use for individuals. In any other country I would have sued them for the amount of stress their irresponsible and incompetent staff have caused me and my family. DO NOT USE AGARWAL PACKERS

Regards, Arun

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Stay away from Agarwal packers

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