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Excellent Service

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Agarwal Packers

Packers & Movers

Review on Agarwal Packers

Posted on 14/09/11, by Krishnan , Gurgaon

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Review Text

I am very happy about the services provided by the company as this was my first shifting from Mumbai to Gurgaon.

I got to know about this packers and movers from one of my friend who has already done a shifting from Agarwal packers and movers. She was really satisfied. I also thought of going through the same packers as she suggested.

I called up Agarwal packers and movers and I found them very professional in their way of dealing with their clients. One executive visited my home and explained in detail about their packing materials used to shift the household materials from one place to another.

I was very satisfied after knowing all the details which relieved my tension to a great extent.

Really I feel that Agarwal packers and movers is a reputed company,
which is capable of giving good service with quality. They handled all the items with much care both for big and small items while packing.

I received back all my items with good security.

Their teams goes out of the way to help people and relieve their tension.

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Agarwal Packers and Movers (DRS GROUP) Reliable service Provider

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Comments (1)

maaz_nawaz wrote on 14/09/11

It's really nice to know that you got some good service by Agarwal Packers ...

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