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A new name does not give a new product

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Advanced Hair Studio

Health & Beauty

Review on Advanced Hair Studio STRAND-BY-STRAND

Posted on 24/05/09, by ABHIK MUKHOPADHYAY , NEW DELHI

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I was given to understand that strand-by-strand is a procedure where 'virgin hair is put on a film of artificial skin and the skin is pasted on the scalp by using biological adhesive'. This is a sales gimmick. The 'artificial skin' Mr. Shah, Manager, India promised me materialised as a fine net on which hair was stitched. This product is no different from a microweft that Trichology centres offer at one tenth the price I paid for the product(Rs.3.5 lakhs!). This contraption, when put on the scalp, looks like an artificial outgrowth of extremely thick and unmanagable hair which has to be worn long (because of the limitations of the base on which the hairs rest). Besides the discomfort, the hairs cannot be combed or set except in a certain way. The biologically tested adhesive is very uncomfortable and causes the skin to itch. The product is a joke in bad taste. When I asked for a refund I was told that it is company policy not to refund money, which, by the way, is taken in entirety before the product is shown. So, dissatisfied consumers have no right to refund if they are unhappy with the product. The corrupt, ineffective legal system of India and the inordinate delay in getting justice will, the company knows, ensure that not many consumers will litigate to redress their grievance. So business will always be good and the consumer will always feel that he has been given a bad deal.  

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5 Most Recent Reviews on Advanced Hair Studio

Comments (4)

Ranger wrote on 24/05/09

I am shocked and surprised to find out the exorbitant cost, why u did not go for transplant? I think you could have undergone hair transplant with the same kind of money!

spirited wrote on 24/05/09

Holy Cow! So are you still wearing it or there is a way to remove the skin, I hope so, never knew that the treatment is so expensive, I think by advanced they meant "expensive" :)

derebail2009 wrote on 25/05/09

I believe good wigs are available at around 30 K. Go for it before skin irritation causes more discomfort

Sanjaykumar11 wrote on 08/02/12

This is the reality of Advanced Hair Studio, Delhi, Bangalore and Ahmedabad and even abroad. They give a fancy name to WIG as NSG, Elite NSG, skin and what not and charge you exorbitantly.You can find a better product for 1/10th of the price anywhere in India and they will tell u that its a hair piece. FUE /FUT they charge per follicle but u can never count how many, and they charge you much much high. Dr. Manoj Khanna and Dr. Amit Gupta are crooks and partner in Crime. Sanket Shah himself wears a wig on a clip and claims that its a Non surgical hair treatment/skin. They are fake. They charge Rs 110000 for LASER and gives u Mintop 10% which is available for Rs. 300-400 on chemist shop. BEWARE of them, they are SHARKS and will eat u up.

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