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Posted on 28/04/12, by Sahoo , Bhubaneswar

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I purchased a Seagate HDD FreeAgent go flex Desk 2 TB USB, Order no-SUL5151545048 on 24th March 2012 from an online shopping site named The last date of delivery was 2nd April 2012. They shipped the product on 27th March through First flight couriers whose Consignment number is F11653080. It has not been delivered till date. I contacted,they said they have shipped it so contact first flight. Then I contacted First flight, they said it has been seized by income tax dept for some unknown reason please contact the company from where you purchased it. Its been more than a month, so i finally wrote a mail to on 17th April to cancel my order and refund my money. They had posted it on their website that if the product isn't delivered within shipping date(in my case April 2 2012) they will give a 100% refund. They replied to me that they have forwarded my complaint to their logistics team and will update me with the status at the earliest but it has been more than a week and they are not even responding to my mail. I have attached a screenshot of our mail chats. Please look into the matter and help me.  

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Comments (3)

derebail2009 wrote on 29/04/12

I feel online shopping except for ticketing will be filled with horror stories unless corporates step in directly for example good companies like Sony, Godrej, Titan etc

Team Sulekha Response  (Customer care, wrote on 30/04/12

Dear Biswajit Sahoo,

We apologize for the inconvenience caused. We have taken note of your complaint & will revert to you soon.

Thank You.

Team Sulekha Response  (Customer care, wrote on 03/05/12

Dear Biswajit Sahoo,

We regret the inconvenience caused to you and would like to inform you that your product was shipped on 27th March 2012, but could not be delivered on time. Hence, the product was returned to origin, the order has been cancelled and we have raised refund on April 30th 2012, and it should reflect in your bank account within 10-14 days.

Thank You.

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Sulekha Is A Yellow Tweety ;-)

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cheating by Sulekha

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