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Real Estate / Stocks / Gold / Art & Painting, Which Is the Better Investment? [Closed]

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see all questions by maaz_nawaz

asked 05 May, 12, 11:59 AM

By maaz_nawaz, Bangalore

viewed : 446

Answers (3)

Jam_Ali answered 05 May, 12, 3:07 PM

Art depicting any human or animal form is strictly forbidden in Islam and that's why geometric patterns, arabesques and calligraphy are only used to decorate mosques across the Islamic world. So stay away from the art which paints naked woman and other dirty thongs, they are pornography and manifestations of a corrupt mind.

derebail2009 answered 07 May, 12, 2:48 PM

I would go for stocks and real estate some how gold does not really fascinate me, but one can make a killing if one stores up

cosmicbomber answered 07 May, 12, 10:08 PM

Investment in art requires more money and knowledge and so not an easy matter!

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