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Do you agree Bengali peoples are very much Miser? [Closed]

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asked 10 Jun, 11, 1:07 PM

By Stranger, Pune

viewed : 3173

Answers (8)

FullMarx answered 10 Jun, 11, 1:13 PM

What is the argument behind this question? They are not miser and they spend a lot on food may be not so much on fashionable things like the Punjabis.

PSingh answered 10 Jun, 11, 2:24 PM

Do you know what happiness is? Is it Hindu, Christian, Mohammedan? ... Don't sympathize too much with people who are miserable. ... You are giving the last touches to something that is very new in you. .... i totally agree that sympathy to those experiencing misery is a bad call because in a way ...

deepthi answered 14 Jun, 11, 5:10 PM

Not only Miser even too much Calculative mind also :)

DannyM answered 15 Jun, 11, 5:03 PM

Deepthi@. You are wrong. The most miser people are Marwaris and most calculative are South Indians. I know lots of Marwari Businessmen, who have very shabby offices( though they live in very well furnished apartments) , they usually appoint very ill paid employees, they are always skeptic.They do not mind to use their office peons to spy against the other employees. The south Indians are basically great politicians, very calculative, mean minded, have great unity. They believe in Favoritism, nepotism. Every alternate South Indian is an Engineer! The Beharis are basically megalomaniacs,most of the male populations are Engineers too!!!. The Oriyas are very shrewd but they forget to repay very frequently.Evey sales Organisation, who so ever is having branch at Orissa suffer from payment related problems!!!Unfortunately people of Bengal do not suffer from the above mentioned virtues. Bengali people are less calculative, they spend a lot on eating, traveling, buying good books.They are good managers.

cosmicbomber answered 15 Jun, 11, 5:33 PM

Don't stereotype, there are misers and manipulative people among all communities.

Pakku answered 17 Jun, 11, 12:35 PM

@DANNYM:On what basis you are making the comment that south people are Calculative? it is just your personal opinion about south Indians,how can you make such a judgement on your own and also its not the fact.It's been given in any magzines or any research institue has published that results like that? In your life you might have come across some miserable south Indian people whom you might have found calculative or miser,but how can you blame the entire south Indian ppl for that,it doesn't make much sense.The other person may find the same group of people generous in his opinion.In these days of increasing commodity prices every individual is miser and calculative however rich he/she may be may be,but we can say marwaris ppl are a bit more miser then other communities.Its seems that you are from that place and you kudos to your ppl without trying to understand others.

DannyM answered 18 Jun, 11, 12:53 PM Best Answer

PAKKU@ Who told you that being calculative is bad? This is a very good quality. I have found South Indians who always prefer to form groups among themselves. Not only that, in presence of other non south Indians( mostly Tamils) they speak in Tamil among themselves!If one of them enter into one location for a rented house, within a fortnight you would find them bringing their entire village.I have once seen a Sardarji speaking some abusive languages to his son in presence of his wife( the son's mother) which involves something related to that son's mother!!!. The Panjabis are basically very crude and they lack in refinements.Their normal dialect starts with Mother... and Bahin....!!!

Ganga answered 25 Jun, 11, 1:01 PM

Yes little bit Miser people but not all.

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