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Which is the best Indian chocolate? Why can they never match with the forgein chocolates? [Closed]

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asked 23 Aug, 10, 6:10 PM

By lobster, Mumbai

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Answers (5)

nashbloom answered 23 Aug, 10, 6:53 PM

Its the same for all the products compare Colgate in India with Colgate in US. Nestle in India and Nestle in west. We don't get quality products here even at good price.
The imported chocolates here are expensive and also there is a risk of expiry or Chinese clones. Most of the imported chocolate selling at malls is coming from China.

Ranger answered 23 Aug, 10, 7:03 PM

Cadbury's Bourneville Dark is by far the best Indian chocolate available, for chocolates the problem is a bit more complex, because of our tropical climate and few stores equipped with freezers etc. manufacturers add more hardening agents and so the chocolates are too hard and does not melt in mouth like the foreign ones :(

maaz_nawaz answered 25 Aug, 10, 10:15 PM

Dairy Milk & Cadbury's Fruit & Nut are very tasty. My Prince Athar likes a lot....

There are several reasons, the foreign countries, specially France where the government strictly legislates the production of chocolate. Regulations prohibit the use of any vegetable or animal fat in French chocolate: Only pure cocoa butter is authorized. In addition, French chocolates must contain at least 43 percent cocoa liquor, and a minimum of 26 percent pure cocoa butter. Most French chocolates now contain well above the government's minimum of cocoa liquor. The best bonbons in French chocolate boast up to 80 percent of dark rich cocoa liquor. And, since it is the cocoa liquor that gives chocolate it's rich taste, it is not surprising that French chocolates remain the best in the world.....

Ranger answered 26 Aug, 10, 1:18 PM

Best are Swiss and Belgian chocolates, France is not so famous for chocolates... some of the best brands are Cote d'Or, Godiva and Lindt.

nashbloom answered 26 Aug, 10, 2:33 PM

Lindt i found selling cheaper in Banglore mantri mall compared to what is sold in France

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