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Garnier Skin Naturals launches Soap Free Face washes

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Garnier Skin Naturals launches Soap Free Face washes Bangalore, 15th, April, 2010 : In today's demanding and polluted environment, your face requires special care. It is constantly exposed to dust, grime, pollution etc. Caring for your skin by cleansing it regularly is a must and is a basic care routine that everyone should follow.

Ordinary bar soaps don't clean from deep within, contain ingredients which disturb the skin's PH balance and above all leaves the skin feeling DRY. Garnier, as the No.1 face wash brand in the country understands this, and now offers a range of SOAP-FREE face washes devoted to facial cleansing needs. Garnier face washes are not only SOAP FREE but contain natural ingredients moisturises your skin and is pH neutral.

So discover the power of healthy looking skin with Garnier Soap Free face washes - Fresh, Gentle and Pure

The face wash range includes -

Soap free Fresh Deep Clean Face Wash for combination to oily skin; removes oil and deep cleanses thus leaves the skin feeling fresh with an ice-cool, tingly feeling. It's enriched with menthol extracts which gives your skin a cool, clean sensation while the purifying agents remove sebum, traces of makeup and impurities from deep within thus unclogging the pores. Priced at Rs. 95 for 100 ml & Rs. 50 for 50 ml.

Soap free Gentle Soothing Face Wash an effective daily face wash for all skin types, gently cleanses without drying the skin, maintains the natural PH balance and leave skin feeling soft & clean. It contains orange fruit extract which not only soothes the skin but naturally moisturises it too. Gentle Soothing Face Wash's unique formula is a blend of the soap-free gel and natural ingredients like Alpha Hydroxy Acid extracted from fruits which helps the skin regain a healthy glow. Priced at Rs. 70 for 100 ml & Rs. 40 for 50 ml.

Soap free Pure Exfoliating Face Wash is an ideal cleanser choice for combination and oily skin; it cleanses, exfoliates and prevents imperfections thus leaving skin clean & oil-free. It is a formulated mix of an alcohol- free gel with active natural ingredients which remove excess oil, impurities and reduce the appearance of imperfections. Pure Face Wash is enriched with micro particles that exfoliate the dead skin cells along with a cleansing agent which purifies pores and prevents imperfections. Priced at Rs. 120 for 100 ml & Rs. 65 for 50 ml.

So go ahead and rediscover your healthy glowing skin with Garnier's range of Face Washes.

Garnier's Face Wash Range is available at retail outlets across India.

About Garnier

Garnier, the international expert in skin & hair care was established in India in 1991. Its endeavor is to bring to the Indian consumer new, different and better products relevant to their needs at an affordable price. Based on the knowledge that healthy skin is beautiful skin, Garnier has created a range of skin care products. These contain active natural ingredients that combine technology with proven effectiveness.

Media Contact:

Shwetha B.N.

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