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Cucine Lube - A Kitchen To Show Off

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Cucine Lube - A Kitchen To Show Off New Delhi, The kitchen is becoming a popular style statement. And when conceptualizing a kitchen, sky is the limit. From last many years the concept of Modular kitchens has become very popular in India and almost 80 per cent of new houses today opt with modular kitchens.

Italian modular kitchen company Cucine Lube has introduced a new range of modular kitchens which suits every pocket. Lube unveils new modern concepts in kitchen aesthetic. It has already carved a niche for modern modular kitchen in their showroom at Khasara, Chattarpur, New Delhi (spread over 12, 000 sq ft area) where they display more than 15 models under one roof.

According to Mr. Pawan Malhotra, MD, Cucine Lube India said, "Cucine Lube kitchens are better known as kitchen to live in..., as the kitchens open up as the new idea of entertaining, accurate, comfortable decor where the work is not separate from the living area." "Modern design, practical accessories, functionality and balanced chromatic effects make Cucine Lube, a company that interprets and satisfies all the aesthetic and functional demands of the new way of living the kitchen" he adds.

Taking the kitchen decor experience to a new level and providing an ultimate and premium collection of modern kitchen in different themes which caters the need of Indian homes and adding heirloom-interest. This new collection from Cucine Lube offers the ultimate ornament that added stars to the kitchen. At the end of the day, every customer wishes to invest in something that has proven lasting value, and Lube kitchens are doing that every day, in different parts of the world.

This range is available in various themes, colors, textures and designs to suit all tastes and budgets. Customers can also create their own look and design, ranging from the modern to the classic. They also install these modular kitchens at your home. Features in modular kitchen include stove and in high-end models even an electronic oven and a microwave, refrigerator, racks, cupboards and cabinets (to stack vessels and grocery). The models are so detachable and portable that they could fit in rented houses also.

Even the height of the cabinets and cupboards could be designed according to the requirements of the customer. The new range also offer storage shelves called carousals that rotate 360 degrees: instead of stretching out for things stored at the back, you just rotate the shelf and the object you want comes within your reach.

Expansion Plans
The company has kick-started its retail initiative by opening its first Cucine lube retail outlet in Chattarpur, New Delhi. Besides Delhi Lube India has three other studios in Noida, Ludhiana and Jalandhar. To expand its retail presence in the country the company is planning to add 9 more new stores by 2011 in the Metros and mini metros.

About Cucine Lube:
Having been certified with UNI EN ISO 9001:1994, LUBE has caught up the aim of certifying its management system for quality in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 (Vision 2000) international regulation. This is to prove its competency in supplying goods to meet customer demand and customization in conformity with the requirements of the applicable laws.

The Lube Group boasts a processing system with machines unlike any other in Italy, supported by the best technology. This has the capacity for constructing over 60,000 standard compositions a year. The company uses only ecological panels those that are procured from certified companies to produce its furniture. These aspects combine to position Cucine Lube India as one of the forerunners in the sphere of kitchen manufacturers.

Cucine Lube Studios:
At: Khasra, 2/2 Chatarpur Mandir Road, Chatarpur, New Delhi, Noida and Ludhiana
Tel: 011-26808885-6.
Price: On Request

Media Contact:

Divya Ohri
New Delhi

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