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Sachin Tendulkar in new hair style!

Posted by on 15 March 2012

VIEWED: 1557 Hot

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Sachin Tendulkar in new hair style!

Which Sachin hairstyle do you like better? The unruly mop or this new look?

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Comments (6)

babu wrote on 15 March, 2012

Hope this new hair style of Sachine would bring 100th ton for him and provide a great relief to Indian cricket lovers.I think that Sachin would not miss any opportunity to play to achieve this landmark.His current performance in the Indian team is not at all up to the standard. It is better for Indian cricket team that Sachin gets the ton as soon as possible and then quits. This would provide opportunity for the young stars. Rahul Dravid could read the writing on the wall, when would people like Sachin and VVS read the same?

Stranger wrote on 16 March, 2012

@Babu; Finally he made 100th ton with New Hairstyle :)

Stranger wrote on 16 March, 2012

I think he was chasing dreams of 100th ton, so he didn't stopped changing dream, finally his dreams do come true. Congrats Sachin :)

deepthi wrote on 16 March, 2012

Good achievement! Down the line Ricky Ponting is there (71 Centuries). I don't think so he will break Sachin's record.

cosmicbomber wrote on 16 March, 2012

Really?? Then can we expect a national holiday declared on Monday?

Blackrose wrote on 19 March, 2012

Deepthi@ No chance of Ricky breaking Sachin's records. Because he plays for Australia, if he can not perform in a series, then he would be thrown out of the national team.But if he were playing for India, then he would have been given adequate chances to fulfill his own dreams, irrespective of his poor performance in the field.

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