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Let Us Fight Against Corruption

Posted by on 27 June 2010


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Let Us Fight Against Corruption

Loksatta's current campaign titled "We want Empowered Lokayukta" is a unique form of protest adopting the principles of what is now popularly referred to as 'Gandhigiri'.

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Comments (6)

nashbloom wrote on 27 June, 2010

Pls give more details about Loksatta.

maaz_nawaz wrote on 27 June, 2010

NASHBLOOM @ Mr Jayaprakash Narayan started Lok Satta Movement (means people power) in 1997 to educate citizens of India about voting, rights and government. Lok Satta, along with similar organizations worked on various activities like election reforms, police reforms, right to information act and voter registration procedures...

aaryesdee wrote on 27 June, 2010

What I'm seeing?. Oh great........ Good cause.I wish all the best

cosmicbomber wrote on 27 June, 2010

@ Nash, is the year correct??

cosmicbomber wrote on 27 June, 2010

@ maaz, is that you??

maaz_nawaz wrote on 28 June, 2010

COSMICBOMBER @ Yes the year is correct..... Yes it's me.....

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