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Posted by on 11 December 2011

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The greatest icon of Bollywood Dev Anand was cremated at London.

Our great film industry bigwigs tweeted in all ways trying to express their grief at the demise of Dev Saab. They shed what can best be described as crocodile tears. Did they really mean what they tweeted?

None of them had the courtesy of attending his funeral and paying their respects to the great man who gave his entire life to Indian Cinema. Its most shameful on their part. As such in Bollywood today we have a set of showoff clowns like Sharukh Khan and some C grade girls like Vidya Balan.

Dev Anand as per his name was indeed a DEV who poured ANAND into the hearts of all his fans throughout his life and there should be no doubt about the fact that he will always continue to live in the hearts of all his fans.

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Comments (3)

Vani wrote on 11 December, 2011

Nice blog :)

Ramaswamy wrote on 11 December, 2011

thanks Vani

lady_macbeth wrote on 18 December, 2011

He is a legend, a legend, and the legend, a perfect heartthrob for any romaticizing woman. Thanks for the ode. A perfect voltage Hollywood star that was accidentally born in India.

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