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Greatest Living Legend

Posted by on 10 May 2011

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Greatest Living Legend

I rarely see movies but if the movie has that great icon DEV ANAND in it I will certainly drop everything else to sit and admire this most wonderful person.

All his old movies in the 60s and 70s are a treat to watch what with his appearance combined with Kishore Kumar and Sachin Dev Burman.

His unique charm and style of acting with his manner of dressing can leave many a young man envious.

With over 6 decades of a film career he has done yeomen service to the Indian film industry by giving us films with clean wholesome entertainment.

Thank you DEV SAAB for keeping my spirits alive all these years by your remarkable personality and performances

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Comments (2)

maaz_nawaz wrote on 10 May, 2011

Dev Anand is a evergreen actor. I like him in Guide. He was very famous with his followers, for his different way of dialogue delivery and head nods.

cosmicbomber wrote on 10 May, 2011

I find it quite odd that he dies his hair jet black, does it really help him to look evergreen??

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