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A blog is a personal online diary maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary and description of events.

The term blog came from the word "web log" which was coined by John Barger in 1997. Peter Merhloz broke the word web log into the phrase "we blog" in 1999 and then the word became popular as both a noun and verb.

Everyday bloggers are writing about 200K posts around the world on various topics ranging from personal diaries to world polictics.

Blogging has become so popular in India that our Bollywood actors have also started unveiling their thoughts through their personal blogs.



Puneeth Rajkumar's 'Ninnindale' to be released on January 16 Puneeth Rajkumar's 'Ninnindale' to be released on January 16
Posted by WellWisher 13 January, 2014.
The superstar of Kannada films, Puneeth Rajkumar is all set to entertain his audience again with 'Ninnindale'. The film's release date has been confirmed and it's January 16, 2014. The dialogue of Puneeth Rajkumar starrer 'Ninnindale' is already creating a lot of buzz and if sources are to be believed then there is a huge demand for the remake rights of this Kannada film. Directed by Jayanth C Paranji, the film also features Erica Fernandes in the lead role. READ MORE
bad presentation of South India bad presentation of South India
From time immemorial we have seen that South Indians have become the object of ridicule in bollywood films. A south indian is displayed as a stupid fellow who speaks Hindi in a different dialect. The actor concerned does his best to prove that south indians form an idiotic race of people and speaking Tamil makes one a joker. The bollywood film makers are unaware of the fact that South India has a rich culture that goes unmatched. South Indians have excelled in every field. Most of the crea READ MORE
Anna Bond Kannada Movie Review - Superb Movie Anna Bond Kannada Movie Review - Superb Movie
Posted by Ganga 02 May, 2012.
Anna Bond, the film touched down on Sandalwood screens comfortably; on 01 May 2012. Produced by the pride of Rajakumar family, respected Smt Parvathamma Rajakumar,the film Anna Bond is directed by Soori.Music is blended by V Harikrishna and cinematography is handled by Cameraman Sathya Hegde.The main cast of this film includes,Powerstar of Sandalwood, Puneeth Rajakumar in the lead role with the charming beauties, Priyamani and Nidhi Subbaiah supported by Rangayana Raghu, Jackie Shroff, Avin READ MORE
Bheema Theeradalli Kannada movie review (Excellent movie) Bheema Theeradalli Kannada movie review (Excellent movie)
Posted by Ganga 16 April, 2012.
With real life stories being the trend of the day, this film too is based on a real life incident that occurred in 1985 in North Karnataka. Director N Omprakash Rao deserves appreciation for adapting the real life story to reel but we would have been more appreciative if the amount of violence was reduced, too. The surprise element in the film is the much hyped inclusion of the current excise minister Renukacharya, which fails to go down well with the audience. Vijay steals the show READ MORE
Bubbly girl Nidhi subbaiah acting in anna bond with Puneeth Rajkumar Bubbly girl Nidhi subbaiah acting in anna bond with Puneeth Rajkumar
Posted by WellWisher 04 April, 2012.
Bubbly girl Nidhi Subbaiah and Power star Puneeth Rajkumar will be seen together in upcoming Kannada movie Anna Bond. The film Anna Bond has been launched on October 7th 2011 and shooting has started from October 10th 2011. It is for the first time that actress Nidhi Subbaiah has been paired with Puneeth Rajkumar and who wants to miss this chance. Anna Bond will also have actress Priyamani who has already acted with Puneeth Rajkumar in the hugely successful film "Raam" directed by Maadesh READ MORE
Posted by Ramaswamy 21 January, 2012.
We have the most disgusting moments while switching on the TV after a hard day's work. That idiot Shahrukh Khan is all over the place. Either his flop movies are shown or he appears in an ad. For example RA ONE a number one disgusting movie was a flop in the theatres. So the next step is to show the same on TV. May I ask the TV Channels why they cant show something better? We have films of Salman Khan/ Aamir Khan/ Ajay Devgun who are much better performers. Or why not show movies of old READ MORE
Title on a wrong person
Posted by Ramaswamy 18 January, 2012.
Shahrukh Khan is also known as Badshah Khan or King Khan. It is difficult to find out on what grounds this guy has been given this title. To be a Badshah or King one must have unique qualities that earn you a lot of respect from the masses. This cheap womaniser embraces every actress he comes across at Awards Functions despite the fact that he is a married man with kids. Most disgusting and shameful! I remember the Hollywood actor Richard Gere was taken to task for just planting a kiss on Sh READ MORE
Shyloo Kannada Movie Review Shyloo Kannada Movie Review
Posted by Ganga 19 December, 2011.
Kannada industry's latest offering 'Shyloo' is the official remake of Tamil super hit film `Myna'. The film is of extreme importance to lead star Ganesh who is banking on this film. The film revolves around Shyloo and Manja who are very caring towards each other. The emotional saga between them forms the basic crux of this film. However with times the emotions change between the trio and the relationship goes under the testing of time. Nevertheless Shyloo and Manju remain thick pals and de READ MORE
Posted by Ramaswamy 11 December, 2011.
The greatest icon of Bollywood Dev Anand was cremated at London. Our great film industry bigwigs tweeted in all ways trying to express their grief at the demise of Dev Saab. They shed what can best be described as crocodile tears. Did they really mean what they tweeted? None of them had the courtesy of attending his funeral and paying their respects to the great man who gave his entire life to Indian Cinema. Its most shameful on their part. As such in Bollywood today we have a set of s READ MORE
Paramathma - Kannada Movie Review Paramathma - Kannada Movie Review
Posted by Ganga 02 November, 2011.
Rating: Four and a half stars. Yogaraj Bhat's Paramathma is a classic film made on the lines of some good Hollywood films with lots of comedy and a little bit of mystery thrown in. Puneet Raj Kumar who has been showing lot of dynamism in recent films shows maturity in the role of pure hearted 'Param' in this film. Param's father is a retired cardiologist who is helping children. Param takes up many jobs including that of a share broker in Mumbai to Kung Fu expert, but finds little peac READ MORE