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Why should Dinesh Trivedi resign from the post of Union Railway minister?

Posted by on 15 March 2012

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Why should Dinesh Trivedi resign from the post of Union Railway minister?

The entire nation should ask this question " why should Dinesh Trivedi resign?" At present the railway ministry is running with an operating ratio which is almost 100. That means in order to earn Rs 100/-., the department would have to spend Rs 100/-. Dinesh Trivedi has addressed this issue and tried to make railways a profit making organization by hiking railway fair. This new budget would have generated adequate fund to support other developmental activities. The Railway minister had departed from the populist ways by showing gimmicks.All his predecessors used railway budget as a tool to gain political mileage by sacrificing the national interest. Mr Trivedi stood above all this petty politics and demonstrated that national interest is of primary importance to him, TMC would be secondary.

However his " leader" Ms Mamata Banerjee, the TMC supremo did not like this budget and requested Dr Manmohan Singh to sack The minister and replace him with Mr Mukul Roy, who once had ignored instructions of The Prime Minister to visit a spot after an accident at North East.

Ms Mamata Banerjee has used her arm twisting technique to put pressure on the central govt on this issue.The funnest part of this entire episode is that Mr Trivedi is the seating MP of TMC only. Mamata does not like any efficient person, because she always wants to project her own image and wants to get surrounded by some " yes men" and pigmies who would beg for her mercy. Her state cabinet is full of inefficient people and have failed to give good governance. Mr Subrata Mukherjee was once the political god father of Mamata, he had performed exceedingly well as mayor of Kolkata corporation. Mamata didn't like him and he was forced to take back seat. The new mayor Mr Sovan Chatterjee is more interested to open the door of the car of the CM and to be present at each and every function which the CM attends rather than attending his own office . This budget saga has again proved that Mamata is not a visionary, she is still a regional leader, who is highly autocratic, unstable, impatient.A few days back one of the leaders of TMC, Dola Sen had slapped a security personnel, who did not allow a loaded matador van to pass through a no-entry zone. Mamata's own nephew Akash had beaten a police constable who was on duty. Almost all lawyers of TMC were present in the court to plead for his bail. He had spent only one night at lock up. Ms Damayanti Sen, who is an officer of the Joint commissioner rank of Kolkata Police was reprimanded by the CM because she had solved a rape case, which was according to Mamata a drama created by her political oppositions. She had issued a statement in public that no rape had taken place, and one of her Yes ministers had made some derogatory remarks about the moral character of that lady who got raped. This is the standard of governance Mamata is offering. CPM is taking full advantage and they are getting enough oxygen to fight back before the panchayaet election which would take placeshortly.

Dinesh Trivedi was getting applause from all quarters and demonstrated traits of a matured politician, which Mamata did not like.

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Comments (2)

cosmicbomber wrote on 15 March, 2012

Dinesh Tribedi has further exposed Mamata Banerjee who is otherwise a very deceitful lady.

spirited wrote on 16 March, 2012

He has not resigned and it is an well orchestrated drama by Congress.

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