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A blog is a personal online diary maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary and description of events.

The term blog came from the word "web log" which was coined by John Barger in 1997. Peter Merhloz broke the word web log into the phrase "we blog" in 1999 and then the word became popular as both a noun and verb.

Everyday bloggers are writing about 200K posts around the world on various topics ranging from personal diaries to world polictics.

Blogging has become so popular in India that our Bollywood actors have also started unveiling their thoughts through their personal blogs.


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Transfer Factor Fraud Busted - Beware Indians Fraudsters at your Doorstep

Posted by on 07 June, 2009

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Transfer Factor Fraud Busted - Beware Indians Fraudsters at your Doorstep

I want to bring this very important thing to the notice of all Indian consumers specially Admanyacs.

Perhaps, you have noticed recently that some very verbose blogs are being written in Admanya promoting some called Transfer Factor but if one reads the blog will hardly find any meat because the very aim is to promote this fraudulent product.

Before citing remarks from people in the field of medicine who have expressed concern and doubt in the claims, I would first point out some simple common sense observations which is sufficient to draw conclusion about this product.

1. Any product that claims to cure many and almost all non-curable and diverse diseases from cancer to hypertension to sexual dysfunction is too good to believe and even believed will yield zero result. Because the root cause of these problems ate very different and if someone has discovered a drug like this then the life expectancy of the mankind can easily become 3 to 4 fold.

2. If a medicine has been found to cure such a wide array of non-curable disease, why the company is relying on MLM scheme to sell the products? Just think about the recent block buster drugs like Lipitor or Viagra, these were not sold in any MLM scheme and neither the company hired housewife turned entrepreneurs to wrire blogs in forums and sell by appointing chains of agents.

4Life Transfer factor is a product that is being sold in an MLM scheme, has no proven value whatsoever in any illness. Even it does not work well as a placebo because it is too frivolous to be perceived as a medicine or having some medicinal properties. Claims of it "boosting the immune system" is a highly over simplified logic to be acceptable and are unsubstantiated by any peer-reviewed journal publication. As a matter of fact you cannot find any reference in a scientific literature of any status.

So, what is Transfer Factor? Let's hear it from experts than the distributors of MLM schemes :)

The term "transfer factor" has various unrelated meanings in science. Its first use related to immunity stems from research performed by Dr. H.S. Lawrence of New York University in the 1940s.

In Lawrence's work, transfer factor referred to "an extract of human white blood cells that could transfer a type of immunity called cell-mediated immunity," says Dr. Burton Zweiman, a professor of medicine at the University of Pennsylvania who worked in Lawrence's lab 40 years ago. "Investigation of TF has been somewhat erratic over the years, with both supporters and deniers of its biologic importance."


"I am not aware of any studies of transfer factor being obtained from cow colostrum and [transferring] immune reactivity to humans," says Dr. Zweiman. "Nor could I find any reference to it in a Medline search of the medical literature."

A spokeswoman for the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, a division of the National Institutes of Health, says, "NCCAM has not funded any research on this therapy, nor have I heard of it before now."


But Dr. Fudenberg, reached at his office in Spartanburg, SC, says the report — which he described as the results of a review of other scientists' work — stated nothing of the sort. "The conclusion," Fudenberg says forcefully, "was that the commercial firms making this for humans were invariably run by people who were not scientists and who didn’t care whether their products were harmful or not."


City Paper forwarded a transcript of 4Life's promotional audio cassette "From Here to Immunity," which was distributed at the seminar in Valley Forge, to various immunologists, microbiologists and biochemists. Those who responded were skeptical.

"Speaking from a standpoint of mainstream medicine, there is not a lot of familiarity [with] or support for this kind of practice," says Dr. James T. Li, professor of medicine at the Mayo Medical School in Rochester, MN, and member of the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology. "This is a form of alternative treatment," he says, which, he adds, almost by definition means there is little evidence to support its proponents' claims — at least not the kind of evidence doctors and scientists generally like to see.


Others are more blunt.

"Most of the clinical studies of transfer factors have been based on the specificity of each transfer factor," says Dr. Charles Kirkpatrick, professor of medicine at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, Division of Allergy and Clinical Immunology - who says he once declined 4Life's offer to act as a consultant.

For example, he explains, "a transfer factor that is specific for Herpes simplex will prevent recurrent infections with this virus. The approach being used by 4Life and other companies is to ignore the specificity issue and make non-specific claims for boosting the immune system."


HOLY COW!!! Now the last nail on the coffin is put by 4Life itself, yes, I am not kidding!

In the fine print, 4Life Research's own materials include startlingly blunt disclaimers such as this one: "Transfer Factor and Transfer Factor Plus do not claim, nor should it be interpreted, to cure, prevent or mitigate any serious disease." And this: "These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease."

So, now guys you have two choices, either go to Dr. Munir Khan, who is also the Fraud Master General of India or 4Life Research.


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Comments (17) Login to post your comment

rizmaria wrote on 08 June, 2009

LOL..hahaha, (disclaimer) this u can find in practically every god damn thing on earth.. Anyways,.. this chance is only fr people who seek n they will find...
the smart ones..On n another thing,, again , we dont associates ourselves with liars, cheat, fraud, dishonest.. not our practice.

rizmaria wrote on 09 June, 2009

Strange!! 700,000 over websites stating all the GOODNESS.... of Transfer Factor and then there is this ONE!!! website which states that TF is a fraud and everyone hs to believe it???
Unlike some other products where you can find TONNES!! of sites claiming products to be SCAM!
The GOOD NEWS is that we may see Transfer Factor in hospitals, SOONER than we think, as negotiations will definitely be ongoing.
In Thailand, (our new market before India), Transfer FActor is also likely to be used widely in hospitals as studies have just started with 780 HIV patients with the permission of the Health Ministry.

Ranger wrote on 09 June, 2009

Well no comments about Thailand and China, because if tiger testes can be prescribed for impotency, I am sure there will takers for drinking cow colstrum juice for HIV - LOL - can you name which hospital is using transfer factor in Thailand and the contact details of the hospital superintendent? Is it not contradictory with your disclaimer that you confirmed is printed on your medicine???????

Ranger wrote on 09 June, 2009

This is a further proof of the scam and spam which is the very approach of your MLM scheme - 700,000 sites is nothing but a testimony of this huge scam de la scam that you have plotted Maria!

rizmaria wrote on 09 June, 2009

Further advancing our position as a world leader in Transferceutical Science, 4Life is pleased to introduce the industry's first-ever Eurasian Health Sciences Advisory Board comprised of leading scientists, immunologists and academicians from Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan, this assembly of doctors includes : medical doctors, authors of more than 100 scientific studies, academicians of the Russian Academy of Medico-Technical sciences (RAMTS), academicians of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences (RAMS), and professors of preventive medicine, pediatric disease, and medical sciences.
Their long-standing influence has propelled 4life to the forefront of immune system technology and helped provide people/distributors around the world with quality supplements for unmatched health support and market EXCLUSIVITY.

cosmicbomber wrote on 09 June, 2009

Maria, will you stop please? If it means I have to purchase one juice from you, it is okay with me and Ranger, please move on, there are so many other issues to talk about and let us do that.

rizmaria wrote on 10 June, 2009

Im nt asking you or ranger or spirited to pay attention to me? Or did I?! Im writing to spread the good news..And for those who want to make a difference in their lives. Please go to featuring doctors, athletes, everyday people, business builders... who provide their true-to-life experiences with 4life. Hv a pleasant day y'all

rizmaria wrote on 10 June, 2009

Discover what some of the greatest minds of the scientific and medical world are saying about TransferFactor. Web check on : Calvin McCausland Ph.D(Product formulator/Researcher, Kosigin and Pokrovsky award winner, Cynthia Champion-Olson, (Clinical Nutritionist/Homeopath, Dr. Victor Tutelian, MD MPH, Duane Townsend M.D.(OB/GYN, Gynecologic Oncology, Author of A Maverick of Medicine Speaks To Woman , Rob Robertson, MD, David Markowitz M.D. (Pediatric Hematology/Oncology) William Hennen, Ph.D., Bob Kononiuk R.Ph., aahh...theres so many,,,I'm tired...Vijendra k Singh, Ph.D.(Research Associate Professor, Utah State University), Neuroimmunologist, Biomedical Researcher, Biotechnology Consultant, Edgar Guess, MD., F.A.C.O.G. OB/GYN, Oncology, Clinical Professor USC Medical Ctr, Richard Bennett Ph.D.(Microbiologist/Immunologist, Vivienne Matalon,MD (Clinical Instructor, University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey)

rizmaria wrote on 10 June, 2009

Ranger, Cosmic!! N u want the whole world doctor's reference on Transfer Factor??? It'l b too too many man.... Even to list out my members list of doctors in Malaysia is crazy enough.. I hv a suggestion, why nt u ppl go to 4life, click the countrys flag that u want to b connected with, then contact them fr the list of doctors if individual country n the # of people on Transfer Factor products around the world... U know I hv the spirit to challenge u ppl.. bt really short of time.. I hp u understand. Again, these are just information fr people thats in need fr the real stuff. God Bless...

rizmaria wrote on 10 June, 2009

Oh n dont forget to click on India too, contact them fr the list of doctors in India thats using Transfer Factor n with 4Life Research..As u know Im new me this favor will u guys... luv y'all

rizmaria wrote on 27 June, 2009

Transfer Factor is a very well researched product backed by 3,500 scientific reports n Clinical Studies by scientists from more than 60 countries around the world. First time in history a Nutritional Supplement gets approval by Ministry of Health in Russia to be used in patients protocol in Hospitals and Clinics. Also listed in the PDR (Physicians Desk Reference), a guide used by Doctors in hospitals n clinics. Transfer Factor is also encouraged to be used by athletes n olympiads.
For more details, search rizmaria blog in Admanya. +919885637873

derebail2009 wrote on 27 March, 2010

MLM....Concept, i am not convinced at all.....i always prefer the classic and traditional marketing style. Such products are highly priced and dubious in nature. If it was official than nothing prevents them from advertising and marketing. Anyways it is living for some i don t wanna cast asperions.

DoubtingThomas wrote on 13 July, 2010

As my profile says,total cynical skeptic.I'm not too proud or that big of a tuff guy to admit I cried like I hadn't since my father passed when my vet told me there was nothing left to do for my almost 11yr. old BostonTerrier.She was diagnosed with an auto-immune disorder that was destroying her red blood cells.He basically told me to take her home,make her comfortable&enjoy what time she had left.Her red blood cell count(normal is 35-50)in 3days had gone from 20 down to 14.Her gums&tongue were almost pasty white.On Monday night06/28/10,I gave her a double dose of the human formula Transfer Factor.Every day since then 1capsule in the morning&1 in the evening.She's continued to put on weight,appetite has returned,she's active,bodily functions back to normal,runs&plays like before she got sick.I'm not a rep for 4Life.They want me to become one but I'm waiting for her to reach 30 days of continued improvement.Dogs don't know what "placebo effect" is.How do you explain that if it's a scam?

Ranger wrote on 13 July, 2010

@ DTT, well if this is true then TF needs to further studied but why this wonder formula is not used extensively in mainstream medicine, may be readers don't get an answer to this question and naturally they are skeptic.

cosmicbomber wrote on 13 July, 2010

@ spirited, now you deserve the "cascading kudos" for this blog which is currently reigning in Admanya. I am sure Maria is very angry and cursing you :)

WAKEUP wrote on 15 July, 2010

If I may suggest, IF there were EVER anything on earth that CURED any disease, let alone all of them, there is NO WAY the corporate establishment (powers that be) would EVER promote that to the world. Are you kidding me? The world is run by MONEY, and there is no money in curing everyone. You ever read the side effects from crap like Lipitor or Viagra? Oh, yeah, those guys really wnat to help you! LOL! You want truth? Get off you but and find it for yourself, like the little Boston Terrier did. And stop looking for it from those who are pulling the strings of the world.

Ranger wrote on 15 July, 2010

@Wakeup, what are you suggesting exactly? Even you need money to buy these TF capsules, they are also not curing (?) for free.

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