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Story of the Day-18

Posted by on 26 April 2010

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A man comes to a master to ask how much man is independent, free.
Is he totally free, or is there a limitation? Is there something
like fate, destiny, a God who makes a limitation beyond which you
cannot be free?

The mystic answered in his own way - not logically but
existentially. He said, Stand up.'

The man must have felt this was a stupid kind of answer,'I am
asking a simple question and he is asking me to stand up.' But he
said, 'Let us see what happens.' He stood. And the mystic said,
'Now, raise one of your legs up.'

The man, by this time must have been thinking he had come to a
madman; what has this to do with freedom, independence? But now
that he has come... and there must have been a crowd of
disciples, and the mystic was so respected; not to follow him
would be disrespectful, and there was no harm. So he lifted one
of his legs from the earth, so one foot was in the air and he was
standing on one foot.

And then the master said, 'That's perfectly good. Just one thing
more. Now take the other foot up also.'

'That is impossible!' the man said, 'You are asking something
impossible. I have taken my right foot up. Now I cannot take my
left foot up.'

The master said, 'But you were free. In the beginning you could
have taken the left foot up. There was no binding order. You were
completely free to choose whether to take the left foot up or the
right foot up. I had not said anything about it; you just
decided. You took the right foot up.

In your very decision, you made it impossible for the left foot
to be lifted up. Don't bother about fate, God. Just think of
simple things.'

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Comments (1)

maaz_nawaz wrote on 26 April, 2010

Dear Brother Dev nice story with great ,oral, yes it's true, Let's not bother about fate, God. Just think of simple things & enjoy the life.....

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