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Mouthshut Copying Admanya - Has Faisal and his team run out of Ideas?

Posted by on 04 May 2012

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Mouthshut Copying Admanya - Has Faisal and his team run out of Ideas?

It is a shame to see Mouthshut headed by the great Faisal Farooqui is blatantly copying Admanya feature by feature... yet Admanya remains bad word in Mouthshut.

He writes in his annual speech to the MS members comprising of 90% ghosts (and rest 10% living homo sapiens) - "You are the most important person for us and for you we are always ready to rethink our strategy."

Well, the actual Mouthshut strategy is made in Bangalore by Team Admanya and so I was not surprised when I see "Questions" (like they put Open Questions in Admanya home) and recent activity in MS home page. The recent activity concept was pioneered by Admanya and the Activity Stream has been appearing in the community page from the very beginning and Mouthshut is compelled to imitate which it always does the best.

Very soon you will see these features also being copied by Mouthshut as it is already been discussed by Faisal and his team in their meeting held last month as one of the team member leaked the information to one guy in Delhi.

1. Alerts on login
2. Some kind of a score for products if not a copy of AR score (yet they could figure out the algol by which Admanya computes the AR score)

In internal deliberations there was also discussion to get rid of Mouthsut signature green colour as many think it makes the site more of Islamic and less business like and so very soon we will see that MS banishes Green and embraces Blue as its signature colour so that they can look more like Admanya. MARK MY WORDS AND WATCH OUT!

Copying is not new to Mouthshut, the original site was copy-pasted from epinion down to the look and feel, page layout and everything and then when the internet was rife with posts about the great plagiarism by Mr. Farooqui, he was forced to do some cosmetic changes by varying the font metrics and a little bit of colour scheme to look different from epinion.

The man who gave up the lucrative US job to create Mouthshut and liberate Indian consumers loves to call US his home although he is living in Mumbai with his family for over a decade by now. He has become smarter and his team now focuses on copying the functionality as he realized late that just the form without functionality coupled with a 3 dozens of fake reviews a day is not just enough. So what could be more brilliant than copying Admanya which stands out for its originality?

But still after all this criticism I will congratulate Mouthshut Team for being able to identify the best website in this segment as its benchmark but they should at least now lift the ban on Admanya in MS and hope to see that Admanya ceases to be a bad word.

Will the MS star writers support the move and pressurize Faisal Farooqui to lift such ungrateful censorship? Will some of the strat writers who are also respected members here (including the one who called me names) raise their voice?

Or Mouthshut will continue to shut their voice?

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Comments (6)

spirited wrote on 04 May, 2012

Holy Cow!!! Who called you names????

spirited wrote on 04 May, 2012

Holy Cow!!!! Papa Gandhi, do you have a mole in the MS team? This is also a rare photograph, was it leaked by the same team member??? Is he Mr. Faisal?????

Vani wrote on 04 May, 2012

I think I have not read a sillier comment for quite some time like since they use green font the site looks Islamic! Are u also suffering from Islamophobia?

Jam_Ali wrote on 05 May, 2012

Only using Green colour does not make a site Islamic, it can be called Pakistani as the national colour of Pakistan is Green But if the site is truly Islamic then it should not tolerate any kind of anti-Islam propaganda and promote virtues of a true Muslim which is peace, complete devotion to Allah and honestly. Please don't drag Islam into each and everything without deep study.

Jam_Ali wrote on 05 May, 2012

I have seen the website and it is a very carefully thought out website with a serious intent and I am proud to know that a Muslim is behind such a noble work. May Allah bless him and give him more strength and knowledge to continue his work in an uncompromising fashion.

Mr. Oapa Gandhi, you must be paid to write against mouth shut these nonsense.

Angelina wrote on 23 September, 2012

Interesting.... at least one of your prophecies have come true, mouthshut has almost shed all green and now more blue.

But what's wrong with green? I think green is a more soothing colour.. it represents nature..actually shocked to see that mouthshut was forced to sacrifice its signature colour.

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