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Krishnan Love Story - Kannada Movie Review

Posted by on 28 June 2010

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Krishnan Love Story - Kannada Movie Review

Radhika Pandith's honeymoon period started when she won the Filmfare award for her debut film Moggina Manassu last year. It does seem to end anytime soon. For, she has been acting in movies that are making an impression at the box office. Her first two films were hits. Now, in her third film, Krishnan Love Story, it is Radhika's show all the way.

The movie is directed by Shashank who had directed Moggina Manassu. He has started from where he had stopped. Moving ahead, Krishnan Love Story portrays the life of a middle class girl who is caught between two men - one a rich entrepreneur and another who's a small time trader. She has a sick mother and drunkard brother to take care of. She has to decide between the two.

Radhika shows maturity in her performance. In Moggina Manassu, she was a college girl; in Krishnan Love Story too, she is a college girl but burdened by several responsibilities. It is fun to watch her on screen. For a significant part of the film, she appears in a deglamourized role. The male lead Ajay Rao desperately needs a break. He has tried to give his best in the movie but has to satisfy playing the second fiddle to Radhika.

There are plenty of commercial elements in the movie - comedy, fights and spicy dialogue - which makes the movie fast paced. The movie has a 'feel good' factor with freshness being part of every scene. Cinematographer Chandrashekar has done a splendid job with the camera.

A highlight of the movie is refreshing music by Shridhar. Jayanth Kaikini's music complements the music. Krishnan Love Story is a wholesome entertainer that is certain to pull the college crowd.

Rating : 3/5 - Cool Movie

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Comments (2)

aaryesdee wrote on 28 June, 2010

Interesting .............

WellWisher wrote on 27 July, 2010

Very good movie and also this movie grabbed 5 film fare awards.

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