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A blog is a personal online diary maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary and description of events.

The term blog came from the word "web log" which was coined by John Barger in 1997. Peter Merhloz broke the word web log into the phrase "we blog" in 1999 and then the word became popular as both a noun and verb.

Everyday bloggers are writing about 200K posts around the world on various topics ranging from personal diaries to world polictics.

Blogging has become so popular in India that our Bollywood actors have also started unveiling their thoughts through their personal blogs.


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Kites – movie review

Posted by on 22 May, 2010

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Kites – movie review

Google withe Kites+Hindi+Movie and you will find umpteen reviews bashing the movie rejecting almost everything about it. Well, I am not here to praise it. But somehow, I believe that the movie isn’t that pathetic as it is being made out to be. They worked hard on this movie but failed to deliver to stand upto the hype being created.

Lets talk about the story. Its weak and totally out of focus. J is a person who forges fake marriages to earn some extra bucks and Linda gets into US by wedding J. She does it for green card. Now, in present J is in relation with a girl Jina, daughter of a bigshot of Las Vegas. In a party, he comes to know that Linda is fiancee of Jina’s brother Tony. As expected, Linda (now Natasha) and J falls in love and runaway. Tony, the bad guy is chasing them to hell.

The framework of the story wasn’t that bad. They just forgot working on it. Linda and J worked for money since day one, but one night of light romance convince them to runaway kicking the big man. That might have convinced Hrithik but not the viewers. The chemistry between Barbara and Hrithik was missing. It was superficial though apparently they tried their best. Kangana was pathetic in the small guest role she had.

Action was cool. Some sequences were really applaudable but overall fell short of perfection. Anyways, the action team deserve some applause for it. Performance wise Hrithik was average and Barbara was beep. She was a showpiece and lets judge by that standard only. Music, ok. Background score a bit over. Overall, movie… you can give it a miss if you are not a Hrithik fan.

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maaz_nawaz wrote on 22 May, 2010

Nice short review on Kites. I was eagerly waiting to watch this much hyped film of the year. most of the reviews are not favouring, Still I like to watch this movie....

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