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Indians ousted of T20 World cup Semis

Posted by on 15 June 2009

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Indians ousted of T20 World cup Semis

Indians drew the first blood soon after winning the toss and electing to bowl. Wright went for a well judged catch by Yusuf Pathan off R.P. Singh. Bopara struck the first boundary against Zaheer 2nd boundary ripper off RP 2nd over of RP LBW shout disallowed off last ball of RP singhs 2nd over. 6 off Ishat flew over the stadium.Bopara s third boundary was snooker type of shot of Yuvraj. K.P. stuck his first scoring shot as boundary off Zaheer KP rocks with a midwicket boundary shuffling off Ishant. 3rd boundary was walking shot off RP. K.P. fourth boundary was a rasping sweep off Yuvraj. Bowling change at 5th over Ishant Sharma proved to be expensive. Harbhajan was bought after 6th over rightly so to stem the flow of runs. 51 partnership off 35 balls.

Sachin was watching the match from the pavilion along with Jaitley and other vips. The atmosphere was electric by 8th over with absolutely packed crowd. It was do or die situation and misfield from Zaheer gave KP his 5th boundary. Harbhajan did not bowl creating a flutter among the crowd in his 2nd over, which was amusing. Bopara was lucky to escape being played on. At mid point of 10 overs England were 71 for 1. A nice set up to post a formidable total and knock off India from the tournament. Harsha bhogle described it as boxing game aptly. Bopra nicknamed rockstar provided an ideal platform.

At the stroke of 11th over Jadeja castled Bopara with a beautiful looping delivery. Bopara departed for well made 40. In came Mascrehnas, the potential danger man, but KP heaved Jadeja for a massive six in his second over. Next ball he was gone for 46 in 27 balls LBW to a missed sweep shot, with score at 93 for 3 @ 13 th over. The pendulum seem to be swinging back in balance. Mascrehnas 2 boundaries off Ishant 3rd over proved break out, Mass slams 3 rd boundary off Jadeja. 121 for 3 at the end of 17th over. Can India manage to hold the tight reign. Harbhajan scalped shah in 18th over with a bunny type of catch by Jadeja. It seems Jadeja's day who replaced Ohja. Harbhajan s wider delivery was poor one and close run out chance was missed in the bargain.

Zaheer khans 19th over spell seemed crucial and collingwood was yorked LBW on his reverse sweep attempt. A face saving effort it seemed. Harbhajans caught bowled effort off Foster was a good the final over, and Grand Swan came and did not trouble the scorers at all clean bowled. A wide of the penultimate ball was a dampner. A dot ball off the last ball was pretty compensation.

Indians have to chase 154 to be in the contention @ T20 - England. The match is bound to go down to the wire.................The match is well set up. Will India overcome the hiccup ? 16 extras runs................given Indians

At 12 for 1 sidebottom scalped the Rohit sharma, who played on in trying to gear up the run rate. The see saw battle was on. Gautam gambhir caressed Anderson for a boundary in the 3rd over, clipped the next one in the square region for a boundary. Raina was shaky against two bouncers from Anderson.

Raina was suckered into a trap, for a hook shot, he was taken in the midwicket which nearly popped out of the hands the fielder wright, both wickets to Side bottom. In came Jadeja, who had a good time bowling ? Bowlers were concious of the fact that Indian batsmen weakness for shortpitched balls. Jadeja was thrice lucky.....since all times the mistimed hook went to mid wicket. Gambirs boundary was perk up in the 6th over off Anderson. Pendulum after the powerplay overs seemed to be in favour of England.

A fresh whiff of a boundary from a inside out stroke off KP by Gambhir perked up the innings. Jadeja continued to ride his luck like a proverbial cat, and his boundary, once again he had life of sort with his hiked shot against Mascrehanas, and he gets Gautam gambir 26 to pave way for Yuvraj. Just play in the V some coach seems to have guided him and Mascrehnas revenge was due. He hiked him to a massive six over mid off from the first ball faced. Next six was off Swan. Jadeja fell ( 25 off 35 ) to first authentic attempt to push the run rate by him off Swan caught brilliantly off broad.

The turning point in the match was the dismissal of Yuvraj singh stumped by foster off Swan. Dhoni scored a two lucky swishing boundary past the eluding hands of wicket keeper. Yusuf six off swan was gr8 perk up with Harbhajan fielding the ball on the boundary line. Yusuf six off and Dhoni s boundary was valient effort. At the end of the day all the extras made huge difference. India fell short by 3 runs. Anyways it was not a ignomious exit after all. Cricket is a game of glorious uncertainties and yesterdays match proved it beyond doubt.

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