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Income Tax Department (ASK- Aaykar Sampark Kendra)

Posted by on 09 March 2008

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First Name Details Mismatch


There is a mismatch in my PAN card details and the online information(Tax Information Dept.) w.r.t to my First Name. My PAN Card details are absolutely correct , but the online details in (spelling of First Name) is incorrect.

PAN CARD details:
First Name: MANASH Last Name: CHOWDHURY

Income Tax Department Online Details:
First Name: MANSAH (needs to be corrected to MANASH) Last Name: CHOWDHURY

I had sent couple of mails along with the screen shot where the actual mistake is, to, where they asked for PAN Card Ack. No. and I provided that too in my next mail.

But now I get a mail from asking me to change my name instead of correcting their mistakes.

Please let me know what should I do and can I fight a legal battle for this. Please advise.

Suggestions and comments are very much welcome.

Manash Chowdhury
mob: 9903466285

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Comments (1)

Ranger wrote on 04 May, 2008

These government people are making a mockery of the entire system, what can you expect when 90% of the government appointments are made after paying bribe. Government job is now a business and the service the people is the least priority.

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