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A blog is a personal online diary maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary and description of events.

The term blog came from the word "web log" which was coined by John Barger in 1997. Peter Merhloz broke the word web log into the phrase "we blog" in 1999 and then the word became popular as both a noun and verb.

Everyday bloggers are writing about 200K posts around the world on various topics ranging from personal diaries to world polictics.

Blogging has become so popular in India that our Bollywood actors have also started unveiling their thoughts through their personal blogs.


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Hina Rabbani - The Sexy Seductress Foreign Minister of Pakistan

Posted by on 27 July, 2011

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Hina Rabbani - The Sexy Seductress Foreign Minister of Pakistan

Hina Rabbani is not only the youngest Foreign Minister of the Islamic State of Pakistan but also the first female Pakistani sex symbol who is creating a tsunami of amorous fans across the entire south east Asia, although the majority of madness is coming from Indian men.

I will not hesitate to admit that India in spite of 1.1 billion population has failed to produce a female politician as sexy as Hina since both the countries got independence from British rule and Hina has clearly over trumped every one else with her killer looks and seducing smile.

Ali Feroze, a facebook fan of Hina writes, "Hina Rabbani Khar is a beautiful Pakistani Politician. She is very polite and Sweet. She is different from Others. Her style is very charming. Her smile is killer smile. She is my dream Girl. I Love her So much."

Another facebooker, Subhneet Singh proclaims, "she is the sexiest Pakistani woman" and comments like this is causing inferiority complex and depression among Pakistani female celebrities like Sonia Khan, Sarab Chaudhari and Sadia Imam.

Somewhere I read in the internet that the Hina effect has compelled S M Krisha to spend almost a full day in a South Delhi spa as the Indian foreign minister and his cabinet colleagues are very nervous to meet the sexy lady with a bold style. She has dared to flout the Islamic preservation of women dumping the veil and instead decided to dazzle in pearls in her maiden visit to India. Her see through head scarf carefully placed to maximum expose her beautiful hair to maximize the delight of Indian fans.

Though she has not public sent flying kisses to the huge Indian fan base but still the fans are ready to do anything for Hina it seems as she has mesmerized the capital with her sexiness.

Some commentators also hope that Hina can easily solve the Kashmir issue for Pakistan as there will be very few protests if she demands Kashmir from India and surely no protests from Krishna and Manmohan's cabinet. The only person in Delhi's political circle to my knowledge can get jealous about Hina is probably Priyanka Vadra but Hina can even win the heart of Robert Vadra as she has won the hearts and minds of 99% of India men.

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Comments (9) Login to post your comment

DannyM wrote on 27 July, 2011

CB@your blog reflects very poor test. Why should you write such things about a Pakistani Politician? But I must appreciate she is simply fabulous.She is having deadly looks and a killer smile.She is the most beautiful muslim politician Allha has ever produced! What a face!!!She is a stunning beauty . Even Ms Hillari Clinton would also be envious. But Indian elderly politicians should be careful in dealing with Hina.They should focus only on diplomatic matters rather than anything else!!!Madam Maino should personally call the elderly politicians and issue a strict warning regarding this. Focus only on diplomacy, nothing else!!!

cosmicbomber wrote on 27 July, 2011

Yes, Danny - I agree with you and the warning should be stressed on health ground for the elderly politicians as anything can happen if they lose focus while dealing with a killer beauty like this.

spirited wrote on 28 July, 2011

Holy Cow!!! CB, suddenly u have become a big fan of Ms. Rabbani but have you heard her? Her voice is like of a male!!! LOL

Stranger wrote on 28 July, 2011

I was also huge fan of Hina, but after information from Spirited its gone down :) Thanks Spirited.

spirited wrote on 28 July, 2011

Holy Cow!!!! @ Dannym, what are you suggesting? You want to put Hina Rabbani on test?

Vani wrote on 06 November, 2011

Is it more of an insult or a compliment? Hmmmm...

Khair wrote on 27 November, 2011

It would be interesting to know which percentage COSMICBOMBER sees himself in? the 99% or the 1%? I doubt Priyanka Vada (who is she anyway) is the only one jealous of Hina. Surely, there is at least one more.

Leaving that aside, the shameful thing is, women politicians are still analysed as a woman and as politician in India, a yardstick that does not seem to apply to men. Thus, if a female politician is smart, she is described as "seductress" whereas a male politician is simply "crafty" or clever.

COSMICBOMBER seems to have weighed in on this tradition with full vigour. In Australia they say, if you can't take the ball, take the man; in this case "take the woman".

cosmicbomber wrote on 27 November, 2011

Hina herself must be extremely pleased and proud as nothing derogatory is actually being written about her. The whole world media (I believe the Aussie media too) has taken note of her sex appeal and charm and so far this is the only thing that media can talk about this young lady as she has failed to make any mark in diplomacy. Why you are so touchy about this? Well, I actually was on the 99% side until I heard her speaking :)

Khair wrote on 28 November, 2011

I doubt whether any woman would be flattered on being described as "seductress". It is our male Indian chauvinism that makes us think this way.

Well who is being touchy here? Seems like you find it hard to cop criticism.

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