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conferring of national honours

Posted by on 29 February 2012

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Our Government honours film stars with Padma Shri or Padma Vibhushan. What for? What is the contribution they make towards the society? They take amounts that they dont deserve and succeed in not paying their due share of taxes. I will not be surprised if Poonam Pandey is given the nation's top award.

Have we forgotten the sacrifices made by Shaheed Bhagat Singh or Udham Singh? They are the real heroes to be honored and not Shahrukh Khan. There is a lot of talk going on about Sachin Tendulkar being awarded Bharat Ratna. Sachin would not have been what he is today had it not been for the heroic acts of Shaheed Bhagat Singh or Udham Singh.

No one else other than these great sons of Bharat Matha deserves the Bharat Ratna. Yes the nation's highest award should be awarded posthumously to these martyrs.

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Comments (5)

maaz_nawaz wrote on 01 March, 2012

Dear Mr Ramswany very thought provoking blog.... I still do not understand why the Govt give these prestigious awards to the celebrities....

RP_Singh wrote on 02 March, 2012

Yes, things are slowly going in that direction, very few films made by Bollywood nowadays can be called art. It is entertainment by sleaze show and violence without any storyline. I hope some body asks Spielberg what is an "item number" and all speculations about Bollywood's future in world cinema will be clear then and there. We don't have any stalwarts now in Bombay films and that's why 5 and half fetters are becoming heroes in the films.

RP_Singh wrote on 02 March, 2012

Mr. Ramaswamy, I am not aware of Poonam Pandey but I don't think she will be conferred with Bharat Ratna ahead of Sonia Maino, Raul Vinci and Robert Vadra.

Ramaswamy wrote on 03 March, 2012

Our politicians and rulers are so characterless, shameless and morally weak that they will do anything to see a scantily clad woman including conferring her with national awards

spirited wrote on 06 March, 2013

LOL @ Ramaswamy :P

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