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Bikers are Victims of Bangalore Traffic Police

Posted by on 30 September 2008

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Bikers are Victims of Bangalore Traffic Police

Bangalore Traffic Police knows only one thing, that is to harass the bikers. Everywhere and everyday you will find Bangalore Traffic Police taking vantage position and stopping the bikers, they will first check whether they are wearing helmets and even if they are complying they will find some excise to harass and you can only get rid of them if you are ready to pay bribes.

Today they caught me near Indian Institute of Science and I was wearing a helmet, I had my valid license and I had the papers for my bike, my fault was why I had everything in place. Then one of the police started to talk in Kannada and was withholding my license, then he suggested that how can I prove that my license is not fake, I was totally outraged and asked him directly how much I have to pay, then he thought something and then asked me to go.

The police have become a big menace to bikers in Bangalore and I think none is protesting against this attitude of police. It seems that bikers are creating all the offence in Bangalore and all others are holy cow!

I used to work in Chandigarh before and I have never seen such ineffective policemen in my life, they don't know even to control traffic, in many places I have seen they are completely at loss and no one is also obeying them.

Even in the central business district, there are rampant violations like jumping of red light, cars criss crossing lanes and the police are always mute spectators, they can't do anything to cars, all they can do it to stop the bikes and demand money. Everyday I see taxis and vehicles driving dangerously in the front of policemen and also jumping red signals but then the policeman does not know how to act.

It is really a sorry state of affair in the police scene in Bangalore and these traffic police don't command any respect from anyone and they look so unsmart and inefficient. I wonder what the police thinks of themselves.

My appeal to Bangalore police that please spare the bikes, don't bother too much about helmets, better stop the cars who drive dangerously and if you have balls please stop the cars at the red light. It is so silly that they have put the chart of fines at various places when they can't regulate traffic at the city center, least at other places.

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Comments (3)

derebail2009 wrote on 30 September, 2008

well obviously bikers are mostly a menace including me while riding a bike, we don t have concern for the four wheelers, we use footpath to byepass etc. Of Course one good thing is that we can get away with paying small fines. Now introduction of close circuit cameras will make policing easier. One will get tickets at their homes nowonwards for jumping signals. Well cops are equally corrupt in Bangalore when they learn counterparts are minting money outside. No parking menace is rising, with cops implementing the rule in discretion, particularly in front of eating joints

spirited wrote on 30 September, 2008

Ok, other polices are also corrupt but Bangalore police is highly inefficient and seems to be unfit as well. I think you have a car and that's why calling bikers as menace, I feel cars are more menacing and if you study the accident data, the cars are mostly involved than bikes!

derebail2009 wrote on 27 March, 2010

Just check out my post on beware road users in blore, regarding my actual experience. It is unfortunate that i did not learn from your mistake Lol I won both bike and car dear for your info, when i have accepted that i myself was guilty as biker, how come you are offended.

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