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Beautiful Thailand

Posted by on 06 May 2012

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I had recently been on a pleasure trip to Thailand. It was really a refreshing change far away from the monotonous life in India. People enjoy a lot of freedom and fun particularly in the beach city of Pattaya. Anyone desiring to to have unlimited nightlife with fun and frolic can seek Pattaya as a destination. Eat drink and be merry is the lifestyle there. With all this crime rate in this country is remarkably low.

But back in the city of Bangalore I feel choked up. People are expected to go home and get bored to death. Nightlife has to come to a grinding halt at 11.30 p.m. Foreign tourists whose lifestyle includes a gorgeous nightlife are forced to stay indoors in their hotel rooms. India is subject to no better than a Taliban rule. Thats why you see the crime rates going up.

Why is it that there are no cases of rape in Thailand or for that matter countries like Singapore? The answer is simple. Prostitution is legalised so that nobody makes an attempt to molest women. But in India the police are out to raid premises and arrest those involved in what they call the contravention of public morality standards.

Ask the law authorities what they mean by public morality. Or are they morally pure? After all everyone is human and shares the same feelings.

Crimes on women will certainly come down if prostitution is legalised and certain designated areas in the city are demarcated where these activities are permitted to be carried on.

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Comments (6)

spirited wrote on 08 May, 2012

Holy Cow!!! Thailand effect!!!!

spirited wrote on 08 May, 2012

Looking forward to see photos.

spirited wrote on 08 May, 2012

Yes, I agree Indian cities are too boring and there is no adult life, we are supposed to live like children and the government is like our elders. It is is ridiculous actually.

cosmicbomber wrote on 08 May, 2012

I was once in Thailand on an official trip and we ran into a street protest called "Thailand is not Thigh Land", lolz :)

Ramaswamy wrote on 10 May, 2012

another interesting point is that those who ban prostitution in our country are the first to book expensive call girls

cosmicbomber wrote on 11 May, 2012

@ ramaswamy, that's a food one :)) I heard Prussian girls are preferred!

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