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Bangalore University Website - Amateurish & Copied

Posted by on 17 April 2010

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Bangalore University Website - Amateurish & Copied

I was shocked to read the article published in Bangalore Mirror dated 14th April 2010 on India's largest University; Bangalore University's official website is amateurish & directly copied from foreign Universities website.

Mr Suchith Kidiyoor Reports (Bangalore Mirror) If Bangalore University's website were to take a plagiarism detector test, it would fail miserably. The official website of the country's largest university, at, has many shocks in store. Click on the feedback button on the homepage and you see content copied from two foreign websites. So meticulous has the plagiarism been that the university refers to students as customers!

This is the line that pops up: ' In an effort to deliver excellence in customer service, it is important that we get to know our customers. Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality services. As a valued customer, we would appreciate it if you would take a few minutes to tell us what you think.'

The university has obviously done a cut-and-paste job with little thinking going into it. And to think that the university is supposed to teach students to refrain from the copy-paste culture and the copyright violations it entails.

' Why on earth should a university refer to students as customers?' is the question being asked as the university becomes a laughing stock out there on the world wide.

Most links on the home page are directed to empty pages. Under the banner 'information to students', there are no links for Campus Map, Courses Offered, Hostels, IT Facility, International Students, Research Scholar, Scholarships, and PG Course Prospectus.

The site, on which the university has spent Rs 20 lakh, lacks professionalism, and has been published with no testing for links, content-accuracy, and grammar and spelling. The content of the website comes to less than 1.5 GB, including data pertaining to the library database, but it reflects poorly on the varsity.

There are factual mistakes, with serious potential of misleading students. For instance, the website states that the airport is 13 km from the campus when in reality Bangalore International Airport (BIA) is more than 45 km. (Just imagine the confusion and hardship an outstation student faces when he lands up with information from the website!)

When I discussed with my friends & technical experts on the expenditures for making such website, their quotation was around one lakh. I can't understand how the university official has shown such a huge amount of twenty lakhs.

This is highly inefficient and corrupt thing which is totally uncalled for and shocking for the India's largest University. It is very shocking to know that the students are referred to as customers. Then what can we call the management? Will it be distributors? And can we call the university as a Market?

Dear Vice - Chancellor Prof N Prubhu Deva, Is there anyone from the university to check the corruption & catch the fraudsters?

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Comments (5)

Jaydeep wrote on 17 April, 2010

I just checked out the web site, no way it can cost 20 Lacs, as you said it totally amateurish and more shocking is that it does not get updated! If I am to trust the website then the last notification issued was on 7 Sept, 2009. I am surprised why they could not get a better domain. Many of the pages have no information, e.g. research scholar. The university must do something about it.

maaz_nawaz wrote on 18 April, 2010

Mr Jaydeep I really appreciate your valuable inputs. I hope something is seriously done in this regard... Thanks for reading, commenting & making this blog special.

maaz_nawaz wrote on 18 April, 2010


He (V-C ) expects me to obey all his decisions.But,how can I obey some of his wrong decisions He does not want me to obey some of the government orders,but I have obeyed them.He wants me to take his permission for each and everything.But there are times when I cannot wait for his decisions.Suppose I get a notice from court I will be charged with contempt-of-court case if I do not reply in time.He is not the one who will be affected.

Every time,he says he is the chief executive officer.But,he is speaking about Section 51 of the Karnataka State Universities Act 2000,which is an emergency power and not meant for day-to-day purposes.Section 15.5 says the emergency power needs to be approved by a statutory body.But he has never taken permission from anybody.

Continued ....

maaz_nawaz wrote on 18 April, 2010

WAR OF WORDS: N Prabhu Dev and M G Krishnan

The registrar alleged that the V-C spends lavishly.He spends money at a five-star hotel and spends lakhs of rupees to maintain his office.He cannot spend so much officially,there is a clear restriction on that.The registrar,evaluation,questioned some of these things.That is why he has issued this notice now,leaving us with no provisions.

(Courtesy : Times of India)

spirited wrote on 18 April, 2010

It is not lavish spending exactly, had he spent 20 Lacs on a very high-tech website it would have been justified but it is like spending 20 Lacs for something that is worth probably 20 Thousand! So something else is there :)

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