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Bangalore is the suicide capital of India - Help

Posted by on 01 October 2008

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Bangalore is the suicide capital of India - Help

From a city, of retirement, to garden city, to city of lakes, to chaotic traffic, Knowledge city, now it has turned into a Suicide capital of India. I am referring to our own Bangalore.

Recently I attended a program hosted by Ramakrishna at Iskon, which was basically induction for engineering students across Bangalore. He in his speech stressed the fact majority of the suicides are committed by persons who fare badly in studies or fail in love.

Some of the other factors which lead to suicide are stressful work environs, financial instability, family disputes, traffic related stress and of course mental stress due to living in the past and betrayal by friends and relatives.

How can individual really over come stress is upto an individual ability to assimilate problems and resolve them quickly. The best way to relieve stress is through sports activity in general. Penning down diary may add to stress level rather than alleviating them. Watching movie seems to be a good stress buster. Sometimes we tend to take shelter under intoxication and smoking which does more harm to mental nerves than soothing them. Nothing like confiding one's problems with a partner or friend.

I was definitely concerned with Bharathi's post on suicide, I too have lost relatives such as aunts and cousins to suicide, alas I was not near to help them out. Generally people with suicidal may not dicuss the issue and it all spirals to the end. Bosses and colleagues should watch out of signs of depression or abnormal behaviour and than tackle the issue as delicately as possible. In case it is a female counterpart it is better a female colleague is deputed to assist quick recovery.

Bangalore does not deserve the tag of the infamous suicidal capital of India.
We have endured the cultural invasion of Tipu sultan, British, Iranians, Sri Lankans, Nigerians, etc Of course we have Bongs, Annachis, Goltis, Bhaiyas, Sindhis, Marwaris etc to add to the cosmopolitian culture. Now it is time to celebrate Habbas or festivity. Let us enjoy the India vs Aussie series too to begin on Oct 9th. Cricket is a great leveler and antidote for suicide i firmly believe.

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Comments (8)

bharathi wrote on 01 October, 2008

a very good post looks like an extension of the post that i wrote yesterday.when some one is depressed insted of watching a movie i would suggest listening to some melodious songs or tune into some instrumental music which can revive all those depressing moments into joyous moments.taking a walk round a park also is too precious to waste on some silly reason like heart break(you cal always find another and keep moving)financial losses(they can be set right too)serious incurable diseases like cancer,kidnet failures etc etc (they can slowly be checked and maintained from deteriorating further) should not be ended for trivial reasons .look at some one who is less priviledged than you will feel a lot advise to all those who feel down "life is too beautiful .its to be lived fully and experienced to the last"

derebail2009 wrote on 01 October, 2008

well definitely an extension of your post trying to help people recover from trauma, explore the avenues to avoid tendency, one issue i forgot is of black magic, some are victims of black magic too.

Ranger wrote on 01 October, 2008

It is very depressing and alarming if this is the ground reality of India's international city... black magic? One thing I can mention that in local channels I see a lot of advertisements of tantrics and astrologers who claim to have a remedy for every problem in life, I think we have a responsibility to build awareness about this, they are just there to make money and going to them in bad times is to me suicidal, DB what black magic are you talking about? Something different?

derebail2009 wrote on 01 October, 2008

Ranger, generally black magic is adopted to eliminate claimants on property in India, secondly to get rid of relatives. I have even heard about one of my friends in laws trying black magic to eliminate him. I mean they wanted daughters income to take care of the old age. He fell from his bike thrice in a day, which confirmed that he was under the BM spell. Than he resorted to prayer to Lord Hanuman daily morning at 4 am.

spirited wrote on 01 October, 2008

Holy Cow! How does one can harm thru Black Magic? Does it really happen? Then why can't they be used to kill the terrorists without any bloodshed?

derebail2009 wrote on 02 October, 2008

Very good suggestion spirited one maybe cops can use it instead of encounter

derebail2009 wrote on 02 October, 2008

Unholy camel, it has got to be spirited fight against black magic. Now it is better to plan a trip to get rid of the curse of the Pharaohs or pariahs. Lol

Jam_Ali wrote on 26 June, 2011

From your blogs it appears that Bangalore is the vice capital of India, how do you find yourself fit there? Are you raising concern or feeling proud, it is unclear.

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