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ADMANYA Offline Initiatives - All The Best.

Posted by on 20 April 2010

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ADMANYA Offline Initiatives - All The Best.

ADMANYA Offline Initiatives - All The Best.

' The beauty and charm of selfless service should never die away from the face of this earth. The world should know that a life of dedication is possible; that a life inspired by love and service is possible. ' (Mata Amritanandamayi)

Facebook, Twitter and a hundred other social networking sites helping people from across the world stay connected. These top social networking sites are not the only medium to build online communities but they are constantly attempting to build sustainable business models based on user participation, they are realizing that offline events are a good way to enhance their reach in the society.

Admanya launched its operations in India around three years. The networking site has some intellectual users in India. The number is certainly small when compared to other established social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Orkut, but I appreciate Mr Jaydeep for his latest initiative in India is that Admanya is taking their online users offline by engaging them in different welfare programmes like seminars in educational institutes, promoting education in backward areas, plant sapling, blood donations etc.

Last week Admanya launched its offline initiative by participating at the National level seminar on the topic, shifting trendz in media & implication on social responsibility organized by the mass communication and journalism department of Acharya Institute of Graduate Studies, Bangalore. Mr Jaydeep along with many eminent educationists & entrepreneurs shared his valuable views. I was very glad to be the part of this useful & informative seminar & it was a great moment of joy to award the outstanding achievers of Acharya Institute who made this seminar a huge success.

Yesterday again it was an great opportunity for me to get involved in Admany's T Shirts sponsorship for Doordarshan Recreation Club (DRCB) South Zone Cricket team for the All India Prasar Bharti Tournment played in Lucknow. It was a wonderful experience of meeting & sharing valuable views with Doordarshan Senior Director Mr Mahesh Joshi & Deputy Director Mr Kempiaha. They offered their support to promote the offline welfare activities.

Well I been around here for a while, I have met some of the most impressive group of people & attended a couple of seminars. Really it is good that there is a social network which wants to make a positive change. I think there should be more popular social networks like Admanya.

Kudos to Mr Jaydeep for launching its offline activities. Hope Admanya & its efficient team will promote the offline activities with full swing in the days to come. Wish to see more members like Mr Umesh Derebail joining for the social & noble cause.

In Picture : Shri Mahesh Joshi, Senior Director Bangalore Doordarshan Kendra receiving Admanya T Shirt from Mr Mazhar Nawaz & Mr Jaydeep.

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Comments (6)

derebail2009 wrote on 20 April, 2010

A good beginning for Admanya to integrate consumer review platform into Offline activity. We would like to see Admanya to conduct at least two events in this direction. I am sure association with colleges with yield tremendous goodwill and eyeballs for admanya. Kudos to Mr Mazhar for taking such an initiative to suggest many offline activities. I am sure Bangalore will be focus of activity for sometime to come.

derebail2009 wrote on 20 April, 2010

I hope Admanya implements linkage to Youtube for genuine uploads of members and chat feature which would increase participation of members.

maaz_nawaz wrote on 21 April, 2010

DEREBAIL2009 @ Mr Umesh thanks for your esteemed presence & valuable suggestions.

aaryesdee wrote on 21 April, 2010

Great!....Thanks Admanya for the initiative.
Thanks Jaydeep, Mazhar and Umesh...

maaz_nawaz wrote on 21 April, 2010

AARYESDEE @ Dear bro Dev thanks for the visit & wishes....

spirited wrote on 21 April, 2010

First time, I am seeing some website giving so much importance to their members, cascading kudos to Admanya!

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